Friday, May 7, 2010

dion lee

I had Susie's post on Dion Lee's collection open in a tab all day, where I would periodically go back to it, scroll down and lust after the pleating! My god the pleating! Not to mention the rorschach-like prints, laser cutting and the amazing crystal culture heels. And now Jak+Jil has gone and posted some beautiful images of his runway show as well.

Dion Lee

Dion Lee

Dion Lee - Jak+Jil
(images from jak+jil)

Dion Lee - Style Bubble
(image from style bubble)

Pleats are exciting me at the moment. I recently bought a pleated Junya Watanabe top that I will have to photograph soon. It is a very nice springy polyester that is completely pleated 360 degrees around with just slits for your arms. I love it!


The Early Hour said...

These are really gorgeous.

HAL said...

Yes, that is some fabulous pleating.