Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pretty girls and hardwood floors

I wish that title rhymed... or does it? I don't know anymore. Is it sad that once I have an apartment with herringbone wood floors that my life will be complete? (almost) I want herringbone hardwood floors so badly. That, combined with excessive wall molding and windows that open to a french balcony where I can grow herbs and look over the city of Paris. Yes, I'm a dreamer.

(Clémence via tfs)


-h said...

Is it just me, but the title sounds like it rhymes to me. But what do I know, I just found out "snuck" is technically not a real word. Can't say I'm a fan of the herringbone floor, though I do like the overall decor in these pictures, including the dotted tight she has on.

Stephanie said...

I know... in my head it rhymes.. I don't know either. Girl you're crazy! Herringbone floors are <3 but I'll admit the finish/colour of those pictured is not my favourite. I like lighter sun-bleached wood.

Sylvie said...

omg...are you me? in trawling for apartments to rent for my forthcoming trip I've been looking for exactly these things haha

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I LOVE that apartment!
I've always wanted herringbone
floors as well. And I do love Paris
so nice view over looking the city wouldn't
hurt :) I miss Paris!

styleodyssey said...

I've never given much thought to herringbone hardwood floors- but when I move (soon), I'll take hardwood floors w/ any design.
By the way, it doesn't quite rhyme. Almost.

Macabre Bob said...

Pretty whores and hard wood floors..... now that rhymes!!!