Tuesday, April 13, 2010

nails, hands, arms

drip nails via stopitrightnow

new chanel polish has a rubberized look (want!) via alllaqueredup

matte with shiny tips via sz

custom ring and leather glove via the divinitus

mihara yasuhiro furry gloves/sleeves. still obsessed with faux fur arms!


Teresa said...

The dripping nails is, of course, amazing. But what I really love is the matte with shiny tips! Wowee!


WendyB said...

The dripping nails remind me of a vintage Moschino bag I've always wanted.

Amanda said...

need me some fur arms too... would be so warm and bear like! i'm trying the matte/shiny thing + the drip for sure

C. said...

I like the first silhouette with
Tao Okamoto .

pennerad said...

totally feeling the blackness myself. been itching for some black/very dark lipstick, black nailpolish, very lightweight summer/spring items.
alas, i haven't the funds or the nerve, lol. but great collection.

me melodia said...

gah. Those matte and shine nails are driving me mad.

yuko said...

i'm thinking i need to take a nail varnishing class, if something like that exists... it's art!