Tuesday, April 13, 2010

canning jar lights

I love these pendant lights made from Weck asparagus canning jars! (As seen on AT kitchn site) They were made for a pizza restaurant in Seattle.
Weck Jar Lights - AT Kitchn

You can buy them here, but if you're handy I bet they would be a great diy along with some edison-style light bulbs. I looked into the jars and they look pretty cool themselves. You can buy them from Heath Ceramics.

Picture 4
Picture 9

I guess I like glass jars, because I like these jars too! I can't remember where they're from, but I remember they would only ship within GB, so I just saved the pictures. Nice lettering!




Amanda said...

i'm really into this type of light too- thx for sharing!

HAL said...

how cool! i love stuff like this for the kitchen. thanks for sharing.