Wednesday, March 24, 2010

roll + hill

I've been drooling over this lighting for the past few days. I recognized a few on this AT post but I didn't realize the manufacturer of them was the same. I was actually thinking about them in the shower this morning. Beautiful lighting is like a killer pair of shoes, don't you think? They're functional as well as being beautiful, and like shoes, the ones you really want are always expensive!

For some reason when the picture is resized it goes all crazy, but I think I like it! If you want to see normal pictures please visit roll + hill.

I think this might be my favorite one. This is the Agnes lamp by Lindsey Adelman.

The candelabra version is just as stunning.

This is the Modo lamp by Jason Miller.

This is the Himmeli lamp by Paul Loebauch.

The Antler lamps (also in large size) by Jason Miller.

The Excel lamp by RBW

Roll + Hill
843 Meeker Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222


Pennerad said...

wow. so beautiful. i wish i had the space (and $$$$$) to get these.

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I LOVE them all!
Especially the last one!!!