Friday, March 5, 2010

phillip lim's apartment

i had a funny feeling i would like phillip lim's apartment when i clicked on the link to the new york times article. i love those bird portraits, and the big red lamp.

Phillip Lim's Apartment - New York Times

Phillip Lim's Apartment - New York Times

i'm currently trying to work out the logistics of painting our tinted concrete floor white without us moving out for a week. can it be done? our apartment is open concept, so i'm not sure if we can paint it in sections and shuffle all the furniture around for each section. i tried to get over the mustard-tinted concrete floors, but i can't. just gotta figure out how to do it.


PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I love that apartment!
And I like the idea of white floors :)

-h said...

that sounds like it would be quite the project, esp. with having a dog too...

Pennerad said...

love his bookshelves. still building my book collection on our tiny bookshelf.
how is the school process going?

Mandy said...

Love it, the birds are divine!!!