Saturday, March 20, 2010


I think I just found my newest wallet threat, dying to taking stabs at my credit card. Lascivious is a British lingerie label with unique and forward thinking silhouettes topped with impeccable quality. My two favourite sets are the Gemima, which mixes sheer and opaque (I especially love the body suit) and the Milla. I first saw the Milla bra on Journelle's website and immediately fell in love. I adore the futuristic strap look mixed with satin. I really wish Lascivious would do swimwear!

I wonder if I came across some of their stuff when I was in Europe. I visited a few amazing lingerie stores in Paris and Brussels with really unique and beautiful lines (like Bordelle) that I really don't get to see much here. I just love lingerie for the ability to turn a crappy mood around, at least it does for me!

Lascivious Jemima
Lascivious Jemima

Lascivious Milla

Lascivious Lila


-h said...

I love it now too!

styleodyssey said...

me too.
the milla is my favorite!

Ellifantastic said...

Thats hot!

escritora said...

I like it. Gemima is fantastic!

Ginger Roxy said...

ooohhh i love these!! I want the first one!!!