Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy mundane

i can't believe it's march. new floral arrangement even less expensive than the last! i was able to find all three bunches at save-on-foods, which came to about $18. i love the bright green colour- it's like a little ray of sunshine in our dark apartment.


this plant was getting too tall and gangly, so we chopped off it's top and tried to grow some roots. that didn't work, and i figured the stump was dead (plus being chewed by SOMEBODY!) but lo and behold life comes forth!


and a happy domestic purchase today. we needed new dish cloths and i don't find a lot of the pretty ones (like skinny laminx and nice linen) very absorbent, and the beautiful turkish ones i wanted are too expensive. i had pretty much given in to the fact that i would just have to settle for some boring stripes in garish colours, when i found these little gems at homesense. i bought two packs of them so when these wear out i won't have to search again. me=1, ugly dish towels=0



-h said...

Beautiful floral arrangement. Very chic. Also I like the dish towels, oddly enough they vaguely remind me of "arab" scarves.

styleodyssey said...

can't go wrong w/ black and white (classic) dishtowels.
i'm with you- dislike garish color combos.
pretty arrangement- it's uncommon to see that hue in flowers. they don't stand out in a garden, but a floral arrangement really shows off those spring greens!

Pennerad said...

great buy on the dish towels. suffered this same problem when hunting for appropriate kitchen accoutrement. and they do sort of look like keffyah scarves.