Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday night grab bag


yesterday on our way down to seattle we picked up a set of staub cast iron dutch ovens we ordered (2 babies and 1 large oval in white.) we ate a few meals prepared and presented in the mini dutch ovens in paris, and we want to try our own at home. i love the staub brand because their dutch ovens seem to have more of a rustic and hand-forged look to them. i seasoned them last night with vegetable oil, so they are good to go. i think the first meal will be a ham with sweet potato gratins.

Abacus Tea Towel - Skinny Laminx

i love this new tea towel from skinny laminx! i'm going to order one asap.

totem votive set
Totem Votive Set - MOMA
i like that these candles are modular/stackable. i've often wanted to learn wood turning and woodworking.

de palma canvas and leather tote
De Palma Tote - Spartan
i think this utilitarian-looking tote would be perfect for spring and summer, either as a beach tote or for carrying home groceries

see by chloe crab key ring
See by Chloe Keyring - Otte

i just think this is cute, though i wish it was one of those awesome things you find in a 99 cent store instead of from see by chloe for $120. the body of the crab is a little change purse, perfect for dog treats!

this weekend was so beautiful and sunny! i got a new pair of jeans from totokaelo (acne kex in blacks) acne is my favorite brand for jeans. my first pair was about 4 years ago (hex in cash) and i still wear them often. they are faded, but absolutely no holes!


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i quite like the candle (holders?). i've always wanted to learn glass blowing and whittling. seemed like fun skills.