Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday night grab bag

some things i've been lusting over this weekend:

my very first decent flower arrangement, in my humble opinion! mums, carnations (yep!) and freesia. total cost $25 (including tax) using flowers from whole foods and save on foods. could be cheaper if i travelled further for less expensive flowers. my goal is to assemble arrangements with cheap store-bought flowers! a while ago i watched a video series on eddie ross' blog about arranging flowers and it really helped me.

it's a short arrangement in a clear square vase that i wrapped with ribbon so the stems aren't visible.

Weekend Flowers
Weekend Flowers

we watched the fantastic mr. fox, which was great! it really wasn't a movie i was dying to see, but i was surprised i enjoyed it so much.
Fantastic Mr. Fox

i spent much of the weekend trying to figure out some key things i need in my wardrobe. i really need more 'core' items that i can just throw on and not think. i tend to make foolish purchases now and then.

this joseph blazer should definitely be a staple in my wardrobe:
joseph smoking jacket - la garconne

no.6 shearling aviator boots
no 6 aviator boot
i really need a warm pair of boots for next winter (shearling lined!) and it doesn't hurt that they're cute and not absurdly priced.

i hope everyone had a great weekend, an enjoyable valentine's day and happy chinese new year!


-h said...

beautiful job on the flower arrangement.

Pennerad said...

those two items are great.
i've got a firma blazer that i think is a bit too long for me (falls past the hip) and may need to get a shorter one. also looking for a shorter jacket, as my humongous coat is frightening people.
also, your arrangement is great! it's so pretty. your home must be so beautiful.

styleodyssey said...

perfect would be a great wardrobe staple. it's similar to my Theory jacket, only it doesn't have the tux collar.

erica said...

love my no. 6 boots (without the shearling). maybe next year i'll get another pair for extra warmth.

Stephanie said...

-h: thanks! normally they look like they were arranged by a child, and not in a good way!

pennerad- thanks! like anyone, my home is a work in progress!

styleodyssey- i love the shawl collar on the joseph blazer- so le smoking!

erica- oh good, i'm glad they're comfy!

Juli said...

I'd love to see those boots in person. I've been on the vintage shoe train for a bit too long and need to something fresh. Oh NY has all the best stuff.

Nice flower arrangement too! Perfect mix of texture and colour.

camille said...

you would love those no. 6 boots! i just got a pair w/o shearling and they are perfect. order 1-1.5 sizes up!