Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday night grab bag

what i've been lusting over this weekend:

cylinder lamp from spartan
Cylinder Lamp - Spartan
i'm constantly looking for lighting for our place, and i like the clean industrial look of this table lamp.

sally leather pouch from oak
Sally leather pouch - Oak
i want to replace my makeup bag with something more durable like leather. i thought this one was interesting: i like that it has a strap so it looks like a clutch when you take it to the washroom. not sure about the fade though- i think i'd like it more if it was solid.

floral branches from martha stewart
Floral Branches - Martha Stewart

fuji instamax camera
Fuji Instamax
i really want this so i can put photos all over the wall like in grade school, but they'll look much more chic!

bathroom organization inspiration from martha stewart
Bathroom Organization - Martha StewartBathroom Organization - Martha Stewart
Bathroom Organization - Martha Stewart
i've been on a bit of a cleaning rampage lately, and i found these pics that make me want to take it to another level, and then i get concerned that people might think i'm crazy. yes/no?

metal first aid kit
First Aid Kit
i do want to get this metal first aid kit though, so my arsenal of band-aids are all in one spot.

i hope everyone had a good weekend! i went to an antique market and found a dentists metal teeth mold that was really cool/creepy, but the seller would only sell them as a set with a whole bunch of other vintage dentist equipment. then jon reminded me that i'm supposed to be de-cluttering and what part metal dentist teeth played in that? i guess he's right. i have to cut down on the "stuff."


Carlene said...

I laughed out loud at the metal dentist teeth remark. My husband says the same thing to me when I pick up antlers (or whatever).

-h said...

Oh darn I would have loved to see the dentist teeth mold!
Martha certainly takes organization to another level.
I do like the fade on the makeup bag.
Have you looked at Restoration Hardware lately? I was really blown away with their lighting and their trunks (pricey though).

Silje said...

LOVE the lamp.

wolf's milk. said...

i really love that lamp.
i think, if you can actually bring yourself to do that much organizing, it's a great idea. at least you won't drive yourself crazy trying to find everything!

kiki said...

i love the organization inspiration! One day (don't know when) but one day my bathroom will be like that!

Shilojean said...

I hate to be a drag, but I have that first aid box you're eyeing and it sucks.

It's true that it's good looking, but it's all divided up into compartments inside and none of them are big enough for a single standard bandaid!