Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the row

i normally don't pay attention to this brand, but i really like these detail shots from the new fall collection, taken by jak+jil

The Row F10

The Row F10

i love the leather gloves with a onepiece (?) and the croc fold-over clutch mixed with drapey double faced wool.


-h said...

the bags look soooo good.

Pennerad said...

i thought this collection was very simple and while the cuts were very nice, i'm still having trouble rationalizing the price point. everything seems like it would fit seamlessly into my closet (and most people's), but i'd rather pay for r.o. than the row.

Stephanie said...

-h: I know, I'm guilty of dashing to ebay and looking for python/snake skin/alligator/croc clutches!

pennerad- Ditto. That's exactly why I usually ignore this brand.

miss sophie said...

those detail shots are gorgeous. i love the mix of textures in the monochromatic palette. and i need to tie my belts like that more often!

Dargant said...

Love the way you "look around" you.

From Paris,