Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday night grab bag

what i've been lusting over this weekend:

petit bateau organic mariniere
Picture 5
i have a nice apc one from many seasons ago that seems to be cursed. every time i wear it i spill something on myself! luckily if it doesn't come out in the wash, my drycleaner man saves the day. but i could still use a backup!

myla desiree soft bra
Picture 6
it's a really good thing that i don't live in new york, or anywhere close to this store! i would be broke all the time from buying pretty lingerie.

calligraphy in lonny magazine
Picture 4
another thing i need to add to my "to-do" list: learn calligraphy

lampe gras no.205
after checking this lamp on brook farm general store, i was able to fondle it in person at merci in paris. it's so perfect, i just wish it was a bit more in my budget, along with most lighting i lust after.

"dungaree" overalls from cos
Picture 3
i love how these look, but i have a feeling i might feel silly in them. i don't have to worry though, the closest store is 7,577km away!

hope everyone had a great weekend! i'm happy to be back home from denver.


-h said...

I'm laughing to myself about the "cursed" top. I thought that about my black Dior Homme jeans when I first got them. (Gasoline twice at two different stations and then bleach)

HAL said...

I love that bra! How pretty and delicate.

Ally said...

I love COS too! I think the closest COS store is even further from where I am (Australia) but it doesn't stop me lusting and admiring their lookbooks.

fanfareforlibrarians said...

those overalls are beauties! though i'd worry that i'd just look like a big baby in a romper suit if i ever stepped into them... oh the curse of not owning legs up to my armpits!

minny said...

i loved the cos overalls when i saw them in the lookbook, but when i tried them on, i looked like an oompa loompa. too bad! and they used heavy copper zippers nice...

Little Girl Big World said...

I love this post! I'll follow you. Please follow me too!