Sunday, January 24, 2010

royal academy of fine art: fashion -> antwerp

our hotel was conveniently located right across the street from the fashion department of the royal academy of fine art, as well as the adjoining fashion museum. from our window we could see students draping on forms in the school. so on one particularly cold and windy day i was more than happy to explore their exhibits and wonderful bookstore.

i found the student work most fascinating. the antwerp fashion exhibit we saw in tokyo was amazing and also featured student work, but unfortunately photography was not allowed and i still wish i would have had a sketchbook so i could at least capture something. so i was very happy to be able to take some photos to show you. i especially wanted to share these with the girls i went to fashion school with, because we had a skirt project too, but it was nothing like this!

this is first-year work, but i can't remember from which year (2008 i think), an exploration of the skirt. they were to all use denim, and you can see how each designer used it in a different way. this project included deep research and exploration and was to represent the students' aesthetic and voice.

unfortunately i was not so organized to take down each student's name. please excuse the quality, everything was behind glass and a bit hard to photograph!


this was one of my favorites. i like how the denim was shredded and taken down to its most simple form, and the yarn used like tassles.


this is another of my favorites. the denim is folded and stitched strategically, and has the look of origami.








the bookstore was amazing, so many beautiful design books, and many hard to find fashion books! of course they had all sorts of books from the famous belgian designers. there were a few that i wanted to buy, but i wanted to check the prices online to make sure it was cheaper to buy them in europe rather than online. it was cheaper, but we got busy and i forgot to go back and buy them! i really wish i had, because one isn't available in north america (unless you want to pay $250!)

the exhibit they had at the museum was a retrospective on the 180 year old luxury belgian handbag design house delvaux. it was interesting, but i was hoping there would have been something on a belgian clothing designer, or at least on clothing and not bags.

website-> royal academy of fine art: fashion department
website-> momu

Nationalestraat 28
2000 Antwerp


Evelina said...

those are beautiful! i was wondering if i could maybe repost some of the photos in my blog (with full credit and link to the extact entry, of course).. ?

Stephanie said...

evelina- yeah sure! no problem.

alison said...

those skirts are so inspiring! nice to see student work uninhibited by saleability, target market etc. etc.

Nancy said...

Wow, art and fashion in a dress. I love this.

Licia said...

I think we were here, in Antwerp, at the same time!
They have done a really good work with tissues!


coco said...

Hihi so funny to see this on your blog! Those skirts are from 2009 though just fyi.
How long did you stay here?