Thursday, January 21, 2010

pre-fall 10

giambattisa valli isn't a designer that's usually on my radar, but the pre-fall collection really appeals to me. i really like the colours and textures, especially that burnt ochre brown. i was trying to find a top that colour this fall and for the life of me couldn't find anything that fit the bill! i really love it paired with black. black and brown combined together has been on my radar for a while now, ever since i acquired my brown shearling rick owens jacket.

giambattista valli 01

and mushroom too

giambattista valli 02

i love the texture of this coat and the length of the sleeve, as impractical is it may be. That's what elbow length gloves are for, right?! one thing i've learned as a mild-west-coast-winter-dweller, is that i really do need a mid-thigh length, bum-covering coat! i was freezing my buns off during the europe cold snap, even with my toasty waist-length shearling! and i refused to buy a cheap long coat, because that's just wasted money to me. a beautiful high-quality coat with an interesting texture is definitely on my wish list for next fall/winter. i think you can instantly look chic with a beautiful coat and killer shoes- that is my philosophy anyway, and is reflected in my wardrobe and shopping habits! i have a problem.

giambattista valli 03

this dress intrigues me- working in the fashion industry as a designer and having to deal with fabric useage, engineered prints, colour strike-off variances in different fibers, etc, etc (who ever said fashion is fun?) something about the sheer printed sleeves' pattern degrading into the pattern of the dress really gives me butterflies. sheer is definitely something i'm feeling overall, but not obnoxious sheer- refined sheer, and this fits.

giambattista valli 04

some pretty-sheer at preen


i'm very interested in pale milky colours lately too. this givenchy look is on target, but the colour of the stockings throw me off. surprisingly i'm kind of liking the dark shoes with this look, though i can't tell if they're black or brown. something tells me brown might actually work better?


this is 'a lot of look' as people say, but something about it is appealing to me. it's definitely a look that's got to be done right or else it could go horribly awry. cos has leather shorts exactly like this.


lastly, a totally uncharacteristic pick for me, but i just love this colour palette. it feels so organic and artistic. that knit reminds me of tapestries my grandfather used to make. from balenciaga.


style, substance & sutton said...

minimal, structured, and devine! i love it all.

Silje said...

Great use of colour, I love the combination of black and brown.

minor keys said...

the furry coat (3rd from top) is phenomenal.