Wednesday, January 20, 2010

le petit atelier de paris -> paris

i had this store on my map from the last time i was in paris, but never made it there until this trip. le petit atelier de paris specializes in unique handmade ceramics and other objects. the marais boutique also houses the workshop of its two designers.

the store is very cute, and it even has a little mascot, a shiba inu! i looove shiba inus- there is one at our local dog park that santos plays with. i really wish i took a picture of theirs while we were there, because he was lying on the floor with half his body wedged under the radiator and didn't move an inch when we walked into the store!

(this photo is from their blog)

i walked laps around the store until i finally decided on the petit déjeuner set, a bowl/mug that fits into a small tray.

one of the best parts is the packaging- i just love fantastic packaging.





Picture 1

many other cute things they make can be seen on their website and also their blog

le petit atelier de paris
31 rue montmorenoy
75003, paris

please visit if you are ever in paris!

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