Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's a new year

i'm hoping to make some big changes this year. not all my resolutions are posted here- some are more personal and i'd like to keep them to myself.

this is my list so far, but i'm sure there's more, so i might edit this post when i think of them. usually i'm not into resolutions because typically i'm too lazy to keep any- but this is a new year! so i'll say this is "stuff i want to do this year...and beyond!":

-buy less stuff
-save more money
-be less messy
-read more
-learn to make bento
-make more art
-dress more refined
-take fencing lessons
-get a subscription to national geographic
-cook more
-take 1 rosetta stone lesson a day (french or japanese)
-stay in better contact with my brother
-use my candles
-sew more
-drink more water

do you believe in new years resolutions or is it too much pressure?

ps- the image is from artists christo and jeanne-claude who do (well, did- jeanne-claude is deceased) large scale outdoor installations, covering landmarks, trees, surrounding islands in fabric. you might recognize their work once you see the rest of the photos. i'm going to do a separate post on them because the images are amazing!


Flora said...

I think resolutions of sorts should take place all year, whenever there is a need for improvement or change.

And the fencing lessons one, that's been on my list of things to do for a long time.

Good luck in 2010.


Melissa said...

Hahaha...New Years resolutions...I don't think there's pressure, just disappointment when you don't keep them. So I just don't make them anymore. I think it's just better to have ongoing goals anyways. Since it's something you can work towards and not something you have in your head that you feel the need to "keep". Hmm...does that make sense?
Either way, good luck with the stuff you want to do this year! :)

Carlene said...

It is a little pressure, but sometimes I need that pressure to follow through. My resolutions are small this year, though. I am trying to stop interrupting people in the middle of their sentence. Sometimes I get a little too enthusiastic...

Bento! Great idea. Covers a couple of your other resolutions, too.

-h said...

I go for new years resolutions too.
yes fencing lessons!!! do it!!! and keep me updated!!!!
sometimes i wish i could be more refined too, but I'm just too silly, I love to make people happy and make people laugh. so i compensate by dressing refined.

I am doing bad on one of my resolutions which is to study my french at least once a week. my one french sentence yesterday was "voulez vous faire un donation pour les gens de Haiti?"

-ps. i really like that picture. what/where is it?

Pennerad said...

i think it's a lot of pressure, but i'm also trying to be more diligent about self-improvement this year.
great list. and that picture is really interesting. what is it?

Stephanie said...

flora- I agree, I just haven't ever put down a list of things to do before. I think this is a start- I need some pressure sometimes.

Mel- Thanks! Well since I work well under pressure I'm going to see how it affects me doing the things on this list! 1 year seems like almost too much time!

Carlene- My thoughts exactly- I need the pressure! Oh, good resolution. I have that problem sometimes too.

-h: I really like the idea of fencing lessons! I'll definitely post about it when I figure out who teaches them. Ah I have to add that to my list! I have Rosetta stone for French and Japanese and I want to take 1 lesson a day. Most lessons are pretty short, so it's not that much to ask of myself!

Stephanie said...

-h: I think by "be more refined" I was basically thinking dressing more refined! It pretty much clicked in Paris for me, of course.