Thursday, December 24, 2009

we're kind of doing the christmas eve thing since we'll be traveling on x-mas day.

santos got a present from jon's coworkers (she often spends the day hanging out there)


she got a christmas sweater! with a moose on it and everything.

it goes well with her scarf. maybe next year i will take her to the sears portrait studio with her sweater and we can make some christmas cards. hehe.

happy holidays!

Monday, December 21, 2009

lvr s10

is it pre-sale season already? really? geez, i'm still thinking about fall and winter, i don't want to think about the dreaded spring and summer seasons. but i will look just for fun.

rick owens s10
(rick owens)
giant sea anemone brooch?! yes!

rick owens s10
(rick owens)
who doesn't wear their leather jacket with a long jersey loincloth?! actually the more i look at the loincloth the more i like it for a fabulous beach cover-up. you know, if i actually go to the beach this summer...

rick owens s10
(rick owens)
i really wish this was available now- i need more fall/winter tops!

ann demeulemeester s10
(ann demeulemeester)
i know reviews were mixed on the bird print, but i like it!

ann demeulemeester s10
(ann demeulemeester)
these were so beautiful on the runway, but i would be tripping over the hem for sure.

ann demeulemeester s10
(ann demeulemeester)
i really like this spring weight coat, though the styling really takes away from it!

haider ackermann s10
(haider ackermann)

gareth pugh s10
(gareth pugh)
i really like this... thing... this headpeice, dicky, tank top combo thing...oh sorry, i can't hear you, i'm wearing my headpeace thingy!

gareth pugh s10
(gareth pugh)
there is a shorter version of this sweater on one of the japanese web-shops that would be great for layering. i don't endorse the way it's styled here.

givenchy s10
i really like this print in this colour combination. it just needs to lose those really long ties on the sleeve hem!

givenchy s10
drapey layery goodness in olive.

see more at lvr

i'm mostly posting this for myself, because i'm excited about moving in a new direction, or at least finding my footing. all my thinking happens at night. it's 1:08am, and my mind is becoming clear.

still struggling with my job and feeling kind of hopeless. the other week i was trying to sleep and it literally felt like i couldn't breathe. i felt suffocated. which is true. i was talking to some friends the other night over dinner and i found the perfect analogy for my life right now. i feel like a hamster in a wheel in a glass cage. i'm running, taking a lot of effort to run and run, but i'm not getting anywhere. the glass represents something else. the additional problem is that i've been thinking and thinking over the past 6 months, probably longer, but can't come up with anything else that i could do (job-wise) that would make me happy.

so tonight i thought- let's start from scratch. i thought of my childhood. what i liked to do, what fascinated me. fashion was of interest only as a hobby or as a side feature to the main course. my true passion was visual art, history and ancient cultures, and biology fascinated me. yet somehow i ended up here, doing what i do. i liked fashion school because i was working with my hands- creating things. although it annoyed me at the time, i think pattern making was my favorite, because i liked to think analytically about how i would construct things. sometimes i would just sit in my chair staring into space while the pattern pieces spun around in my head, slowly working out and coming together. though at the time i enjoyed the sewing part more. my job has nothing to do with either, and i think that is where the disconnect is for me. but i don't think i would enjoy or get joy from making patterns for a living, or sewing. when it all boils down the part of fashion i enjoy the most is the retail aspect. i will end the analysis of my fashion-related passions there.

as i said, i was starting from scratch. i pictured myself as a curious high-school student, and i went on ubc's website and just started clicking all the subjects that sounded interesting: anthropology, applied plant and soil sciences, art history, archaeology, architecture, atmospheric sciences, etc.

going back to school would be both scary and exciting. scary because i would lose some of the comforts that i currently have, like a decent salary that allows me to travel and buy clothing i like, not to mention figuring out how the hell i would pay for tuition and living expenses, but i think the payoffs would be much greater.

i'm just musing here (i have many more fields to think about and explore), but atmospheric science and astrobiology sounds fascinating. on my last business trip i picked up an issue of national geographic- 'are we alone' searching for planets that can sustain life. i always buy national geographic to read on the plane. i know it might sound sci-fi, but this shit is real. the searching for other 'earths' that is. i think the article was the most fascinating thing i've read all year. my mind was totally blown and i want to find out and learn more.

i don't want to sound trite, but i also want to do something with a positive impact.

anyway, this post is to remind myself not to give up searching, not to settle, and make things happen instead of complaining. complaining will get you nowhere. nobody is going to fix your life for you. nobody is going to say 'i have the perfect job that will make you happy forever and ever' and give it to you. you have to do it yourself. nothing will get handed to you. if you don't ask you never know. you will never get something you don't ask for. (that was me talking to myself)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

palais royale

new pictures are up for some of the new palais royal collection from rick owens.

although i don't think i would ever purchase "new" fur, i just love the hair wings on this fur gilet. actually i've been really attracted to shoes and apparel with long hair lately.

rick owens palais royale 3

more furry bunnies! i loved the first ones more, with the crazed eyes and crooked teeth. the new ones don't look like they have faces, which is just wrong.

rick owens palais royale

mink-lined biker vest
rick owens palais royale 2

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fade to grey

rick owens ny 3

rick owens ny 1

rick owens ny 2

i really want to add some pale colours to my wardrobe. i love these head-to-toe pale grey looks from rick owens. they were just beautiful on the runway in all their icey glory, and these ny shop photos make me salivate. i really think it has the most impact worn head to toe, rather than just one piece here or there in a pale shade.

i'm watching a pair of light dirty white/grey jeans on ebay that i hope i remember to bid on. that always happens to me. yesterday i missed a rick owens skirt that ended for £11. i think part of the reason i've never taken the plunge on white denim is that it's so WHITE. so CRISP. and somehow always leaves me with a preppy taste in my mouth, even when its not styled that way. something dirtier is much more up my alley, and easier to wear for me.

can we also talk about the boots in these pictures?! i've wanted the short version forever, but these taller more voluminous (though not as voluminous as the coming S10 version) are really killer, and all the online sales are so tempting right now. but i only have a week and a half to go until our trip, and about 3 weeks until the paris sales. shopping at the rick owens store instead of online is so much nicer, but i'm just hoping the sales will be good, so i don't regret not making some online purchases, or phone-order purchases!

rick owens

also for the last few days i've been up late trying to reserve lunch or dinner at nomiya in paris. jon really wanted to check it out, and although sitting at one communal table with 10 strangers kind of makes me nervous, i agreed to go. nomiya is a temporary restaurant on top of le palais de tokyo, and until june 2010 "experimental, contemporary international cuisine by chef gilles sassart is served, with the vegetables coming from the garden within the palais."


the thing is these reservations are released online one month in advance, and sell out FAST. and by fast i mean literally in 2 seconds. after two nights of trying at 1am (10am paris time) i finally got a lunch reservation.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

new hair

finally got myself to the salon. my hair was in desperate need of some love.

new hair

brown fading to black = love

didn't end up chopping as much as i wanted off, in order to get a nice fade down. some other ideas are in the works with my stylist, which may/may not include an interesting shade of blue/grey and a much shorter cut. we shall see how brave i am.

due to work being so unseasonably busy right now, i haven't made it to the gym very much, which i can see reflected in my upper arms and shoulders! i need to get back on my schedule next week. less than 2 weeks to go and then i'm out of here! can't wait.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

easy addition

i discovered complex geometries two summers ago when i was looking for summer wardrobe additions. as i've said before, i find dressing myself in the summer extremely difficult and frustrating. my wardrobe isn't built for the heat. so when i found complex geometries, with their light jersey drapery, it was a match made in heaven.

the brand has completely taken off since then, and looking at their fall offerings i'm itching to add more of their pieces to my closet. since reborn fueled my complex geometries love-afair, i'll use their images of some of my wish-list items. if we ever move to montreal i will just have to sign my pay-cheques over to them. even though they are in montreal and i am in vancouver, its nice to know there is a canadian retailer out there with a directional mix of brands that is capable of whetting my appetite, and makes my credit cards quiver ever time i peek at their website.




Wednesday, December 2, 2009

margiela sale

from margiela

this is torture! lucky you if you're in ny or near bh. i should just move to new york. actually, being that close to so many good stores i would be in even more trouble than i am now!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

m0851 antwerp

M0851 Antwerp

M0851 Antwerp

M0851 Antwerp

we decided that instead of staying in brussels the whole time and taking day trip(s) to antwerp that we will stay in both places. we are going to stay at hotel m0851. it has three suites. the black and white one looks so amazing, but unfortunately it's not available for the dates we need. so these pictures will serve as eye candy and house inspiration instead! i only wish our house had more natural light, then i would be going crazy with the black paint.

update:::: see pictures of the room we stayed in here