Friday, November 27, 2009

daily dropsnap injection

dropsnap nov27
i love this combination of colours and textures. almost time to pull out my vintage fur if it would stop raining.

dropsnap nov27
i am getting my hair did between now and december 25th. just trying to decide what to do. length is definitely coming off, and colour will be had. just not sure about the how and what. i had purple hair once in highschool, but i'm pretty sure i didn't look this cool.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

frazier + wing

i've seen these paper mobiles from frazier & wing around for a while (on different blogs) and they still manage to intrigue me. i love the colours of this one below. it's basically the palette i'm trying to keep for our house in order to work with the mustard-coloured floors. but what do you do with a bright red couch and loveseat?! hard to hide. i remember the first time i saw them together- oh no. mustard and ketchup.

frazier & wing mobile

unfortunately i have nowhere to hang a mobile- another mobile that is. i got a flensted mobile many months ago but haven't hung it because our ceilings are so high! i will have to rent a ladder. as for the couches, i think it will be a long while before i get my coveted white leather couch to replace the ketchup ones.

Monday, November 23, 2009

colour palette

i love the colours in this photo by barry underwood. more here. (via dear ada)

barry underwood

i must remember this colour combo for later.

edward scissorhands

i love this movie. i make an effort to watch it every halloween, but i should watch it more often. i love the visuals- edward stands out so much more in the crazy pastel town. i think i just love tim burton films. i've never seen sleepy hollow though, so i'm going to watch that one soon.

edward scissorhands
i kind of love his house- add a whole bunch of white furniture and call it home!

edward scissorhands

edward scissorhands

edward scissorhands

edward scissorhands

plus, his "cover-up" outfit is kind of yohji-ish....

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i finally have tabi boots in my life! so happy. i can't wait for my tabi socks to show up so i can wear them. i can see how these can be addicting. i already want another pair.



this weekend was pretty productive- we made an upholstered headboard complete with tufting (22 buttons worth!) it took 5 hours from start to finish (including bolting it to the bed frame) i'm glad it's finally done! last week jon found a really good deal on tolomeo wall lights ($50 each!), so we put those up over the bed for reading. now it's time to find new sheets, and a few other things. i'll take some pictures once it's done!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i really want to try to write and sketch more. i've used sketchbooks as long as i can remember, but in the last few years of college and in the 4 years i've been out of school i've stopped. i don't even sketch anymore unless it's for work. these notebooks would be perfect- one for every month. and i will force myself to fill them.

i always feel too busy, but that's not true. i just choose to fill my time with other things.

one year of white pages

one year of white pages from canoe

i am really sad about the death of daul kim. i will really miss her.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


if there's one thing i hate, it's holiday decor up sickeningly early. this year i have witnessed christmas decorations on sale before october 31st, and last week the most vomit-worthy: christmas music playing in a store. i was almost violent. i don't mind christmas (i have many fond childhood memories) but i do despise christmas music, and anything linking it to the retail world.

when i worked retail, i was lucky enough to have a boss who hated christmas music as much as i did. though, i'm sure some of my co-workers played it when i wasn't working. i also fought with the staff about putting christmas decor up before december 1st. it's just a thing i have. i failed by choice at the whole "hyping up christmas to make customers spend more" thing.

that said, i'm surprised that i'm thinking about purchasing holiday cards in november. this goes against my rules. but these are so nice, and i want to start sending real mail instead of email (in general- i don't send e-holiday cards!)

they are from a store called bailey doesn't bark, via decor8

i'm not sure how many people appreciated my hand-drawn reindeer skull cards with black envelope i made a few years ago.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



i just spent a good chunk of time organizing 100s of home inspiration pictures on my computer into different folders. that feels good!

i love this picture (the fireplace in the background!) it looks so cozy and warm, but mixed with hard-lined modern elements.

we were up in whistler for the past few days for my work, and our hotel had a fireplace. i miss having a fireplace now that we don't have one anymore! we took santos up to whistler too, and all she wanted to do was lay in front of the fire. we could barely tear her away!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

giant skull

giant skull garden sculpture in paris, via paristexas. anyone know where this is? i'd love to see it in person. if only i had a beautiful big garden/courtyard for a giant skull!

edit: thanks to h for pointing me in the right direction. here's the info:

the skull is by philippe pasqua and on display at artcurial until october 26, 2009. too bad i'll miss it!


l’hôtel marcel dassault
7 rond-point des champs-elysées
75008 paris

Friday, November 6, 2009

two places at once


even though i'm looking forward to an amazing trip to europe this winter, i secretly wish i could be two places at once. oh how i miss japan. and shopping in japan. and food. and pretty much everything. i've been working on my french using rosetta stone. after we get back from europe i will have to switch back to japanese! i wish i could just quit my job and dedicate myself to learning japanese.

(images from thedandyproject)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

moustache men



as i've mentioned before, samurai armour is a constant inspiration for me. i can keep going back to the same photo over and over again and still marvel at the construction, colours, intricacy, and history.

every time i look at historical 'costumes' i always wonder about the person that garment belonged to. what they looked like, how they wore it, how they walked, their lifestyle, and of course how it was made and the person who made it. it's so amazing to look at some of these garments and imagine an actual person wearing them day to day (not samurai armour, but historical dress in general) and how clothing has been simplified so much since then. it kind of saddens me. maybe we can compare the elaborate dresses of the elizabethan era to platform stilettos. both are hard to get around in for any length of time! but then again the most elaborate forms of dress were reserved for the upper-class anyway, so maybe i should be comparing apples with apples, and look at working-class clothing throughout the ages. but that's not as much fun for the eyes!

at any rate, i felt the need to look at samurai armour today. to remind me what i love about apparel, and instill in me some hope that someday i can use my personal inspirations to create something i can truly be proud of.

it's my dream that one day i can have a set of samurai armour.

these photos are from the edo tokyo museum in ryogoku