Friday, October 23, 2009

moving on


you may/may not know i've been struggling with my "direction" at the moment. random enough, i bought the october issue of elle and there was an article that perked my interest. nicole williams wrote a book comparing dating "rules" to the workplace and ones career. i know, it sounds lame and satc-ish, but there was one quote that resonated with me:

elle: you say the biggest mistake women make is staying too long in the wrong job. when is it time to move on?

nw: when women come to me in a state of "i'm done," it can manifest in depression and anxiety. having been divorced, i recognize you might be afraid to leave, and you feel like you've invested so much time and energy, but ultimately, you've got to take a leap. and with a job - unlike with a romantic relationship - if you're wrong, you can go back to what you left.

as much as i try not to, i do love fashion. and i love creating things. when i saw the above jak and jil photo today i was thinking "oooh that dress! the colours, the movement" i don't think i can suppress my love of fashion. i'm thinking more and more about going back to school. having the freedom to open my brain up again and create things that don't have anything to do with "saleability." just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

capuchin cripta di roma

since it's almost halloween, i was reminded of this crazy crypt i visited in rome a few years back. the capuchin crypt, in the chapels below the church of santa maria della concezione dei cappuccini is decorated floor to ceiling with the bones of 4,000 capuchin friars. it is CRAZY, and creepy. kind of morbidly beautiful in a way.

since i was a good tourist and obeyed the 'no pictures' signs, i don't have any pictures, but i did steal some from the interwebs.

if you're ever in rome you should check it out!

Via Veneto 37
I-00186 Rome

Monday, October 19, 2009

whippet life



i'm allowed on the bed, right?

Friday, October 16, 2009


sifting through my wardrobe i've realized one category that is severely neglected: tops. blouses. shirts. i'm always in a conundrum about what to wear because "i have no tops!" plus, i'm craving some calculated colour.

green blouse
such as kelly green. just ignore the headband.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a change of destination

we made a little change to our trip to europe this winter, and instead of milan (for which i wanted to go purely for selfish, shopping-related reasons) we're going to brussels and antwerp instead! (which is only partially for selfish shopping-related reasons) i am very excited about the switch, as i've never been to brussels or antwerp, and i have been to milan. oh mme demeulemeester, please let me find your triple (or single) laced boots with heel! if ever there were a place where i could find them, it would be belgium. i shall leave offerings of frankincense and myrrh at your door!

any recommendations are welcome!

Friday, October 9, 2009

closet full of givenchy

some more closet inspiration- check out these closet-like parts of givenchy's paris boutique. i love the all the molding and pull-out drawers. not to mention that amazing parquet hardwood!





Thursday, October 8, 2009

closet envy

Closet Envy

ok, i wish i had this closet! the only thing it needs is a big section for shoes. i like the layout though, like a long fashion gauntlet. when we were looking at apartments a few had pass-thru closets like this to the ensuite bathroom.

closet reorganization has hit a stand-still. maybe i can convince my dad to make me my storage unit this weekend. i did buy some thin flocked hangers as per somebody's recommendation, and it has provided me with so much more space! now i just have to get rid of all these wooden hangers!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

not quite a girl, not yet a woman

haha, our little pup is 1 year old now!

we got her a cake from the 'three dog bakery' but it's so big, i think she'll be working on it for a week!


here she is trying out her halloween costume. i wonder who thought up a lobster costume for a dog?! i think she looks hilarious, but from her expression i can tell somehow she's not impressed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009



i don't really follow models much (except for maybe daul kim) which is why i've never seen freja beha's neck tattoo. i like it quite a lot. neck tattoos in general are pretty tough. i mean, that's got to be pretty uncomfortable and painful to get tattooed on your neck, regardless of the fact that it's just a five letter word in script. about once a year i get ichy for a new tattoo, but i talk myself out of it. i think it's probably for the best not to get any more, especially in a highly visible area. but hmmm.... ;)

ps- i hope nobody thinks i would get this exact tattoo! tattoo copying is très lame

Friday, October 2, 2009


i swear i am trying not to browse the internet, but i'm sick right now and trying to work hurts my brain.

i can't remember how i came across calypso, but they have some really nice 'effortless chic' items i'd love to add into my wardrobe.

Picture 7
Picture 11
antik batik short suede boots in grey or tan.

Picture 12
i'm due for another pair of repetto flats, and i love this smokey grey colour

Picture 13
linen t-shirts. yes!

Picture 17
my drycleaner saved my apc mariner, but i still wouldn't mind having an alternate from st james

Picture 18
these look like something my mom would wear, but mme emanuelle alt made me think about cargos in a new way, and i've been secretly looking for a pair

in light of my recent closet organization, i've also been thinking about how i take care of my wardrobe. i think repair and maintenance is important, so i've been trying to take inventory of what needs repairing or mending (especially footwear) and getting it done. as i said in a previous post, it's my personal opinion that it shows a certain respect for your belongings to take care of them and store them in a respectful manner. these thoughts were actually the result of a visit to the art gallery for a viewing of golden-age dutch paintings. it really got me thinking about "things" and how things are made to last, or not last, and how we take care of them, or don't. possessions were cherished and passed down. now days it seems hardly anything is considered sacred (except maybe a hermes bag) anyway, just flu-induced rambling...

also, somebody asked what book i'm reading. i'm reading sherlock holmes at the moment.