Wednesday, April 15, 2009


yesterday i did a bit of window shopping after having lunch at a cafe on south granville. i've always loved 18karat and the modern/earthy mix of products they sell. they were having a bit of a sale, and i almost bought a throw blanket, mugs, and was seriously tempted by a big plant pot, but exited with empty hands. lucky for my wallet and self-imposed shopping ban. i checked out their website and discovered that they now sell online! they currently only ship to canada, but also sell their products at a few select retailers throughout the usa.

these planters are amazing- i was seriously tempted to buy the smallest version at $150. they have quite a lot of stunning (and expensive) pots and planters ranging from zink/stainless modern to carved rock cave-man rustic. all fabulous.

i love rocks and geodes and stuff, and they have a lot of different kinds of rocks and minerals for display purposes.

these are the mugs i wanted to get. kind of earthy but somehow felt modern. i'm going to see if i can find something similar in japan so they feel a bit more personal.

they always have a great selection of beautiful knit blankets. when i was there yesterday a few of them were on sale (60% off!) but a beautiful throw is something that i am not allowed to buy right now.

this is a shot of the back of the store. talk about urban dream garden. we bought two massive black rectangular planters for our patio this weekend (not from 18karat), and i'm currently trying to decide what kind of plants to get for them, and plan the rest of our balcony. i kind of think beautiful containers are worth their price tag. they're like shoes to an outfit.

New Planter

i recieved my sara paloma pottery last week. it was packaged so well! i was a bit worried that the tops would break, but all seven arrived safe and sound. here's a picture of them in our kitchen. sorry it's a close-up, i don't want to show the shelf below! i have to figure out what to do with that one now. currently there is a mish mash of crap on it (candles, christian lacroix evian bottle, iron crow, 2 cook books, jar of mustard, etc)

sara paloma pottery

Thursday, April 9, 2009


be sure to check out this 10 minute video interview of rick owens on hint! tokyo store to open in september!!

that is all.


Elbaz Bunny
(pic from new yorker)

alber looks so adorable. when i was little i used to think that the cadbury cream eggs were chocolate eggs with a real egg yolk inside. i thought "how gross! who would want to eat that?!" hence i have never ever tried the 'classic' cadbury cream eggs.

happy long easter weekend!

(btw, still going strong on the shopping ban! encens magazine seriously tempted me yesterday, but i resisted!)

Monday, April 6, 2009


Google Translate

jon got us rosetta stone so we could learn some more japanese. i think it is a useful program, because we are learning how to pronounce things properly, and to recognize characters. still patiently waiting for my kanji books from amazon. i guess they won't show up in time to do any studying before my trip. i thought it would be fun to translate my blog into japanese to see how it looks. i wonder if the translation is all mixed up like it is when you translate a japanese website into english?

we met up with our whippet ambassadors sprocket and cricket yesterday at a dog park/beach. santos had a lot of fun meeting other dogs. i think she was happy to see some dogs who can keep up with and outrun her!

Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
santos on the beach
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
random happy beagle
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
wet bulldog. watching him swim was so funny! it looked like a struggle.
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
sprocket chases after santos
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
happy sprocket
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
happy cricket. this girl is f-a-s-t! i hope santos can catch up to her when she is grown.

Thursday, April 2, 2009



ok, this is really funny. we are going back to tokyo next month! haha. yes, we could only stay away for 7 months (crazy it's been that long) jon found an amazing deal on a flight and hotel, so we said, fuck it, we're going.

so, if there is anyone from tokyo reading my blog (anyone?) do tell me if there is anything i need to check out when i am there next month.

anyway, back into tokyo research mode! i'm so excited that i have my new camera to bring with us. jon is going to be doing some major shopping, and i'm hoping to do some home shopping (lighting perhaps?) and consignment/vintage shopping. not to mention get tickets for the may grand sumo tournament. i think we are both pretty excited to see asashoryu.

i didn't expect this at all. now i really need to save money!