Thursday, December 17, 2009

palais royale

new pictures are up for some of the new palais royal collection from rick owens.

although i don't think i would ever purchase "new" fur, i just love the hair wings on this fur gilet. actually i've been really attracted to shoes and apparel with long hair lately.

rick owens palais royale 3

more furry bunnies! i loved the first ones more, with the crazed eyes and crooked teeth. the new ones don't look like they have faces, which is just wrong.

rick owens palais royale

mink-lined biker vest
rick owens palais royale 2


inaya said...

they are really amazing. when I am an elderly woman I want to wear palais royale every day. :p

hope you're doing well and having a good holidays.

also if you get a chance, could you bookmark my new url.

all the best

Stephanie said...

haha- I have a picture in my head about how I will look when I am elderly too. I'm going to have a silver angular bob and wear ann demeulemeester and rick owens everywhere while counting out my pennies from a mink-fur coin purse.

of course I will bookmark you! Thanks for the heads up on your new url.

happy holidays!

minor keys said...

That is such an aesthetic and intense cape. so streamlined. I also like the fur-lined vest. I haven't seen the crooked-teethed crazed bunnies, but sound pretty cool.

Pennerad said...

The wings are incredible. And I totally think bunnies need faces.

styleodyssey said...

these are so cool.
i just read your comment re: how you plan to look as an elderly woman- love it.
i plan to have either pink and gray hair, or silver with a blue streak near the front. and plenty of minimal clothing by said designers, plus some Yohji Yamamoto & Margiela thrown in the mix.

Kelly said...

Sooo beautiful! Love the grey palette.


Interesting subject, because I don't see much of a reason to justify 'old' fur; Either 'new' or 'old' - both animals were killed with cruelty and for same purpose. Fur farms existed way back in XIXc and "then & now" methods are still debated. The next issue is about 'vintage' term itself, often mistaken or even intentionally overused.

Stephanie said...

divinitus- my thinking is that when one purchases new fur, the company and fur industry sees that there is a demand. more people buying new fur = more new fur being produced. by purchasing used/old, or truly vintage fur, you don't affect that consumer chain IMO. consumers speak with their $$$. if nobody were to buy organic food, then why would a grocery store stock it? it comes down to supply and demand.

but i do understand what you are saying about the 'statement' one makes by wearing fur. you are saying that you agree or accept the way it was produced- whether it's new or old. it's the same thing with any fiber: to me if one takes that stance on fur, the same should be applied to leather. what makes a cow any different from a fox? but on the other end of the fiber spectrum, if you wear synthetics do you agree with the environmental harm that is created with the fabrication of a synthetic oil-derived fiber.

i completely agree with the misuse of the term "vintage". my foray into fashion actually started with the interest of vintage clothing and period dress. 10 years ago i considered vintage to be anything from the 40s to the 60s (anything older to be antique), and now 10 years later i consider 70s vintage as well. but i also think it is has to do with how old you are as well. younger generations think that 80s is vintage, while people my mothers age most likely think 50s and older is vintage.


I can see your point about industry; if I understood correctly, you are hoping to limit, not completely shut down [realistically we still wear a newly made natural leather often fur accessorized].

Let's hope that supporting old furs gives a wanted, clear message, also some kid of education to prevent a 'new vintage' phenomenon to become an overused excuse.

mimimi said...

not related to this post but rather the latest one - I just wanted to thank you for posting that - I am in a very similar position - in a career I feel suffocated and weighed down in, that it sometimes feels very difficult and scary to know what I want or what direction to take. My vow to myself in the coming months is to follow just what you've said - to make things happen, to look deep and find out what I want and just get on with it. Reading your post is a reminder to me each time I slump - I'm going to have to stick this one on a wall!

Good luck if you do decide to go back to school, or whatever future steps you choose to take!

Tayla said...

looove this post