Saturday, December 12, 2009

new hair

finally got myself to the salon. my hair was in desperate need of some love.

new hair

brown fading to black = love

didn't end up chopping as much as i wanted off, in order to get a nice fade down. some other ideas are in the works with my stylist, which may/may not include an interesting shade of blue/grey and a much shorter cut. we shall see how brave i am.

due to work being so unseasonably busy right now, i haven't made it to the gym very much, which i can see reflected in my upper arms and shoulders! i need to get back on my schedule next week. less than 2 weeks to go and then i'm out of here! can't wait.


-h said...


WendyB said...

Bee-yoo-tee-ful hair.

andrea said...

omg!!!!!!!! perfect!!!!!

styleodyssey said...

awesome color fade! blue/grey would be very interesting to see.
my stylist keeps wanting to add a black streak in the front, but i'm resistant!

Veronicahhh said...

what's the tattoo?
love the "grow-out"

no idols said...

great color! just out of curiosity, where did you have it done? looks great.

Shay said...

looks great, quite inspiring actually!

Stephanie said...

thanks everyone! I love it, but I'm craving MORE! After our trip I think I'm going to chop chop and colour some more!

styleodyssey- do it! My hair was black for a loooong time, so this new bit of black in my hair is like an old friend.

veronicahh- a pinup girl

no idols- moods