Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fade to grey

rick owens ny 3

rick owens ny 1

rick owens ny 2

i really want to add some pale colours to my wardrobe. i love these head-to-toe pale grey looks from rick owens. they were just beautiful on the runway in all their icey glory, and these ny shop photos make me salivate. i really think it has the most impact worn head to toe, rather than just one piece here or there in a pale shade.

i'm watching a pair of light dirty white/grey jeans on ebay that i hope i remember to bid on. that always happens to me. yesterday i missed a rick owens skirt that ended for £11. i think part of the reason i've never taken the plunge on white denim is that it's so WHITE. so CRISP. and somehow always leaves me with a preppy taste in my mouth, even when its not styled that way. something dirtier is much more up my alley, and easier to wear for me.

can we also talk about the boots in these pictures?! i've wanted the short version forever, but these taller more voluminous (though not as voluminous as the coming S10 version) are really killer, and all the online sales are so tempting right now. but i only have a week and a half to go until our trip, and about 3 weeks until the paris sales. shopping at the rick owens store instead of online is so much nicer, but i'm just hoping the sales will be good, so i don't regret not making some online purchases, or phone-order purchases!

rick owens

also for the last few days i've been up late trying to reserve lunch or dinner at nomiya in paris. jon really wanted to check it out, and although sitting at one communal table with 10 strangers kind of makes me nervous, i agreed to go. nomiya is a temporary restaurant on top of le palais de tokyo, and until june 2010 "experimental, contemporary international cuisine by chef gilles sassart is served, with the vegetables coming from the garden within the palais."


the thing is these reservations are released online one month in advance, and sell out FAST. and by fast i mean literally in 2 seconds. after two nights of trying at 1am (10am paris time) i finally got a lunch reservation.


Teresa said...

I've been wanting those tall Rick Owens wrap boots forever. I still have dreams about them.


Pennerad said...

Yay you're in.
Now invite a third guest (ahem) and you're set.
Those grey looks are fantastic. Soft yet edgy. Quite graceful.

WendyB said...

Love this look....It's like sporty Princess daywear for the Star Wars movies.

ggshoe said...

Amazing outfit! Sleek modern!!

romaine said...

if you are worried about missing an auction on ebay, try auctionsniper.com, or some of the other sites like it. i use it alot and it is very trustworthy. if you win the aution they charge you 1% of the bid and if you don't win, you are not charged at all. once you sign up, you just enter the ebay auction item number, the max bid, and how many seconds before the auction ends you want your bid entered (i usually select 4 seconds) and that is about it. you can modify or cancel the proxy bid through them at any time up till the time they are to put in your bid.