Thursday, November 19, 2009


i really want to try to write and sketch more. i've used sketchbooks as long as i can remember, but in the last few years of college and in the 4 years i've been out of school i've stopped. i don't even sketch anymore unless it's for work. these notebooks would be perfect- one for every month. and i will force myself to fill them.

i always feel too busy, but that's not true. i just choose to fill my time with other things.

one year of white pages

one year of white pages from canoe

i am really sad about the death of daul kim. i will really miss her.


yulanda said...

I've been thinking about how I need to write & sketch more as well. I used to do it on an almost daily basis and now I haven't touched a sketchbook in what seems to be years.

Anna at D16 said...

At some point in my life it became too stressful for me to keep buying more sketchbooks. So many good intentions, and so many failed attempts. I wish I had the drive of my younger self to fill these volumes. Sigh.

Stephanie said...

anna- i know. i really don't need to buy any more notebooks. i have many squirreled away and unused. maybe i should use them before i buy any more. i am also hopeless at keeping a journal. even a beautiful red moleskin couldn't keep me interested. i'm hoping it will bring out more personal creativity and get me working on some of my own projects instead of reserving all my creativity for my job. at the end i feel drained and with nothing to give to myself creatively. must stop the vicious cycle.

Veronicahhh said...

wow that site has some gooooood stuff


I don't want to sound lame but i did cry for two days after learning about DK. I used to check her blog.

Melissa said...

Oh Steph, I'm in the same boat as you are! I definitely want to start writing and sketching more, but school had drained me from wanting to do that...still. I think it's from all those "entries" that we had to make.
I really love those books from Canoe though! What a great idea! Just wish they would say how many pages are in each book. If there were more than say, 40 pages, I might be too scared to do it cause then the pressure to have to write/sketch more to fill the book by the end of the month might get to me.
I have a ton of unused sketchbooks that I could possibly use...but I love the dots...Hmmm...I wonder if I smell a DIY project in the mix?