Wednesday, November 11, 2009


if there's one thing i hate, it's holiday decor up sickeningly early. this year i have witnessed christmas decorations on sale before october 31st, and last week the most vomit-worthy: christmas music playing in a store. i was almost violent. i don't mind christmas (i have many fond childhood memories) but i do despise christmas music, and anything linking it to the retail world.

when i worked retail, i was lucky enough to have a boss who hated christmas music as much as i did. though, i'm sure some of my co-workers played it when i wasn't working. i also fought with the staff about putting christmas decor up before december 1st. it's just a thing i have. i failed by choice at the whole "hyping up christmas to make customers spend more" thing.

that said, i'm surprised that i'm thinking about purchasing holiday cards in november. this goes against my rules. but these are so nice, and i want to start sending real mail instead of email (in general- i don't send e-holiday cards!)

they are from a store called bailey doesn't bark, via decor8

i'm not sure how many people appreciated my hand-drawn reindeer skull cards with black envelope i made a few years ago.


styleodyssey said...

pretty cards. no wonder you went ahead and bought them.

i could not agree more about too-early holiday decorating. as an American living abroad, i notice no one here goes 'all out', and certainly no one decorates in november! i do believe it's a quintessentially American thing to do (sorry to say, but it seems to be).

further, it's that whole "get shoppers to spend heavily by forcing Christmas down their throats" that i find annoying and greed-ridden. i too, worked in retail; too many retail Christmases almost ruined it for me. fortunately, i've almost recovered. ;)


oh god, i was lamenting the invasion of christmas on my blog today as well. even the thrift stores started pumping it before halloween.

i just try and hide the whole season. the music, the decor, the tv specials - everything kills me.

my sister-in-law got pissed a few years ago that i hand made toys instead of buying the kids stuff on their "list". bah-humbug. now i make sure to hand make all my gifts, buy vintage or support other independent designers.

i can't wait till it's all over.

-h said...

i HATE HATE HATE christmas music too.

the cards are nice, they are not the typical "christmas" card, and i like that they say happy holidays.

but i would like to see your reindeer card!

decor8 said...

Oh I agree, I nearly died when the Christmas candy and decorations came out here in Germany TWO WEEKS ago. In October. Not kidding. My German husband died. I'm American and so I thought it was normal then I remembered all my past vacations here and how I never saw it until end of November (not October).

I guess even countries here are changing in Europe... I heard it's also out in the Netherlands and Austria too according to my expat friends there.

I don't hear holiday music yet though...

And the Christmas markets outdoors start here in just a few weeks. I think 3rd of 4th week of November. That is typical here. And they're gorgeous so I'm not complaining.

But the whole Christmas in October thing felt really, really annoying.

But other than Christmas, we don't have Thanksgiving or Halloween here, they try with some decor here and there but not really as these are American holidays... and there is no July 4th... so here in Germany the big holidays are really Christmas, New Year's and Easter from what I can see.

In the states there is a holiday each month now in stores, right? Too much pressure to shop.

minor keys said...

Definitely know what you mean; radio stations play the same few songs (ie Mariah Carey all I want for Christman) on repeat for a month...
The cards are so beautiful; detailed and very elegant. I would feel very nice giving that out!

Ammu said...

Gorgeous cards!

Stephanie said...

styleodyssey- i think i've almost recovered from the christmas-ruined-by-retail-work syndrome too! i give it a few more years.

thebrickhouse- i like buying handmade or vintage/antique for friends who i know will appreciate it too.

-h: i'll have to try and fine one!

decor8- wow that's early! do you know if there are any markets around for new years? i'll be in berlin. i wish we had more outdoor markets (even if they are christmas markets) here. i went to an amazing one in paris a few years ago (it was mostly food-related though- yum!)

minorkeys- oh mariah! i will be so happy if i can avoid hearing her xmas songs this year.

Pennerad said...

we are of a similar mind. i absolutely DESPISE this early advertising business. it's so upsetting. the LIGHTS, and window displays, and the MUSIC. i mean, it's not even thanksgiving yet! i get so infuriated by this. totally understand your almost-violence. i'm actually beginning to hate christmas because it's a capitalist holiday vs the christmas of years past (perhaps in my own head) when it was about the time spent together (read: THE FOOD). bah humbug, indeed. stupid xmas music...

One.Twenty.Fifty.Two said...

Ha ha. you grinch.

that was an entertaining post though.

Andrea said...

I'm with you on Christmas music. However, I recently listened to "Monocle" magazine Winter series and they had Emilia De Poret sing some Christmas tunes and they are definitely the best thing I've heard this season. Worth listening to: