Wednesday, November 25, 2009

frazier + wing

i've seen these paper mobiles from frazier & wing around for a while (on different blogs) and they still manage to intrigue me. i love the colours of this one below. it's basically the palette i'm trying to keep for our house in order to work with the mustard-coloured floors. but what do you do with a bright red couch and loveseat?! hard to hide. i remember the first time i saw them together- oh no. mustard and ketchup.

frazier & wing mobile

unfortunately i have nowhere to hang a mobile- another mobile that is. i got a flensted mobile many months ago but haven't hung it because our ceilings are so high! i will have to rent a ladder. as for the couches, i think it will be a long while before i get my coveted white leather couch to replace the ketchup ones.

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Veronicahhh said...

a good friend made me a mobile for my birthday, and i had the same trouble deciding where to put it. It now lives inside my closet, hung from the ceiling in there. I see it every day, but it fits nicely in there.