Friday, November 27, 2009

daily dropsnap injection

dropsnap nov27
i love this combination of colours and textures. almost time to pull out my vintage fur if it would stop raining.

dropsnap nov27
i am getting my hair did between now and december 25th. just trying to decide what to do. length is definitely coming off, and colour will be had. just not sure about the how and what. i had purple hair once in highschool, but i'm pretty sure i didn't look this cool.



styleodyssey said...

dropsnap is cool- it's on my blogroll, and i usually forget to click and see what's there. thanks for the reminder of what a neat site it is.

i went from rather long hair, to a bob- then finally this pixie cut, which i love! (i was afraid to go short all at once...took me years.) good luck w/ the new do, and maybe you'll go for some funky color, too! (i had a magenta streak w/ platinum last year...loved the crazy color.)

Shay said...

love how the first girl styled her collar, looks super fresh.

Getting my hair did too. Considering bangs...

Amanda said...

first girl's look is such an inspiration...piling on like color groups looks dope