Wednesday, November 4, 2009

moustache men



as i've mentioned before, samurai armour is a constant inspiration for me. i can keep going back to the same photo over and over again and still marvel at the construction, colours, intricacy, and history.

every time i look at historical 'costumes' i always wonder about the person that garment belonged to. what they looked like, how they wore it, how they walked, their lifestyle, and of course how it was made and the person who made it. it's so amazing to look at some of these garments and imagine an actual person wearing them day to day (not samurai armour, but historical dress in general) and how clothing has been simplified so much since then. it kind of saddens me. maybe we can compare the elaborate dresses of the elizabethan era to platform stilettos. both are hard to get around in for any length of time! but then again the most elaborate forms of dress were reserved for the upper-class anyway, so maybe i should be comparing apples with apples, and look at working-class clothing throughout the ages. but that's not as much fun for the eyes!

at any rate, i felt the need to look at samurai armour today. to remind me what i love about apparel, and instill in me some hope that someday i can use my personal inspirations to create something i can truly be proud of.

it's my dream that one day i can have a set of samurai armour.

these photos are from the edo tokyo museum in ryogoku


-h said...

armor & antique weaponry fascinate me.

-h said...

also the MET currently has a samurai exhibit going on, they have a few pictures online here

Stephanie said...

cool, thanks!