Friday, October 16, 2009


sifting through my wardrobe i've realized one category that is severely neglected: tops. blouses. shirts. i'm always in a conundrum about what to wear because "i have no tops!" plus, i'm craving some calculated colour.

green blouse
such as kelly green. just ignore the headband.


-h said...

lol! about the headband. that kelly green is perfect. plus vibrant jewel tones play well against an black wardrobe.

Ammu said...

I have been craving something green ever since I saw this on Garance Dore -

Gorgeous gorgeous color!

styleodyssey said...

i love kelly green! the jacket is gorgeous.

Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE kelly green! I love this outfit, don't think I could get away with the headband part though. But kudos to her for pulling it off! I need more vibrant green in my wardrobe...I noticed that I have recently purchased a lot of kelly green yarn for all those sweaters that I'm supposedly going to knit for myself by the time winter is over...HA!

Stephanie said...

-h: I agree. I am really getting tired of my wardrobe.

ammu- I love the look on that first woman, but I could never feel comfortable wearing that much colour!

mel- I'm not a fan of headbands! You sound like me with my never-ending list of "projects" to sew!

mvastudios said...

I completely feel your pain! My wardrobe is ridiculously lacking nice tops and I too am looking for some vibrant colors that'll take me out of my comfort zone of grey, black, beige, and blue.