Sunday, October 4, 2009



i don't really follow models much (except for maybe daul kim) which is why i've never seen freja beha's neck tattoo. i like it quite a lot. neck tattoos in general are pretty tough. i mean, that's got to be pretty uncomfortable and painful to get tattooed on your neck, regardless of the fact that it's just a five letter word in script. about once a year i get ichy for a new tattoo, but i talk myself out of it. i think it's probably for the best not to get any more, especially in a highly visible area. but hmmm.... ;)

ps- i hope nobody thinks i would get this exact tattoo! tattoo copying is très lame


Veronicahhh said...

love this tattoo on freja, but maybe because it's hers, her signature (as are her other tattoos, notably, "redemption" on her arm.

not really a real-world kind of tattoo though, that one on her neck.

Stephanie said...

Yes, that's true. Perhaps it's better to look from afar, rather than to touch ;)

victoria said...

better than a girl i go to school with. she has 'let go' in script across her wrist.
*shakes head*