Thursday, October 15, 2009

a change of destination

we made a little change to our trip to europe this winter, and instead of milan (for which i wanted to go purely for selfish, shopping-related reasons) we're going to brussels and antwerp instead! (which is only partially for selfish shopping-related reasons) i am very excited about the switch, as i've never been to brussels or antwerp, and i have been to milan. oh mme demeulemeester, please let me find your triple (or single) laced boots with heel! if ever there were a place where i could find them, it would be belgium. i shall leave offerings of frankincense and myrrh at your door!

any recommendations are welcome!


styleodyssey said...

i'll be excited to see and read about your shopping experience there. those talented belgian designers have my devotion- i'd bet the Ann D triple lace-ups are somewhere out there in your size. good luck; can't wait to see what you find!

L said...

I just saw this entry from Designers Block today on a B&B in a gallery located near Antwerp:

Lauren said...

These photos are so pretty! Love the architecture, and the fact that the skies aren't in a state of torrential downpour like they are here right now.



Alison said...

I'm so jealous! You will love Belgium!! If you want hotel, sightseeing, travel recommendations, just let me know. My email is

esther said...

Antwerp is amazing, good choice. Here's a shortlived but great blog by my sister about life in Antwerp, while she was interning for some independent fashion designers:

Buy lots of cut-off hand souvenirs!

Ammu said...

Go to the Victor Horta house in Brussels - it's incredible - the interiors, the art deco style, just stunning.
Bon voyage!

Stephanie said...

styleodyssey- i will definitely be documenting it here!

l- thanks!

lauren- me too. i can't wait to take pictures of all the buildings.

alison- thanks! i'm really looking forward to the food- any recommendations?

esther- thanks!

ammu- thanks, i'll be sure to check it out

-h said...


Naiyana said...

i just read on style that there is a new pop up shop in antwerp RA13 or something like that. hope u find those ann d's cuz i feel ur pain there..those r the shoes i want soo badly...have fun in belgium...jealous just a bit...naiyana