Friday, October 2, 2009


i swear i am trying not to browse the internet, but i'm sick right now and trying to work hurts my brain.

i can't remember how i came across calypso, but they have some really nice 'effortless chic' items i'd love to add into my wardrobe.

Picture 7
Picture 11
antik batik short suede boots in grey or tan.

Picture 12
i'm due for another pair of repetto flats, and i love this smokey grey colour

Picture 13
linen t-shirts. yes!

Picture 17
my drycleaner saved my apc mariner, but i still wouldn't mind having an alternate from st james

Picture 18
these look like something my mom would wear, but mme emanuelle alt made me think about cargos in a new way, and i've been secretly looking for a pair

in light of my recent closet organization, i've also been thinking about how i take care of my wardrobe. i think repair and maintenance is important, so i've been trying to take inventory of what needs repairing or mending (especially footwear) and getting it done. as i said in a previous post, it's my personal opinion that it shows a certain respect for your belongings to take care of them and store them in a respectful manner. these thoughts were actually the result of a visit to the art gallery for a viewing of golden-age dutch paintings. it really got me thinking about "things" and how things are made to last, or not last, and how we take care of them, or don't. possessions were cherished and passed down. now days it seems hardly anything is considered sacred (except maybe a hermes bag) anyway, just flu-induced rambling...

also, somebody asked what book i'm reading. i'm reading sherlock holmes at the moment.


-h said...

we have one of their shops here.
the cargos remind me of jane birkin (now).

good point about taking care of things. i know i have shoes that need new soles or mending. belts that i could add another notch to...

you must show us your new & improved closet now :)

Stephanie said...

it seems like a "resort" kind of store?

i will share my closet once it's finished. i have purchased some thin flocked hangers that somebody recommended to me, and it has helped a lot with saving space.

styleodyssey said...

i like all these. those short boots are kinda cool! a mariner shirt is always a good staple in one's wardrobe.
good post.

Sesame Jones said...

this is so serendipitous, because i swear i was just looking at these boots on calypso's website (and got a link for it from mande's set on polyvore), and then i clicked on to your blog... and saw these boots again!!! must get them now. also available at and

Stephanie said...

sesame- i saw those boots at la garconne too, and wondered if they came in another colour. i can't decide if i like the tan or the grey better ;)

janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey: