Sunday, September 6, 2009

kitchen shelves


i finally filled the shelves we have in our kitchen above the sink. i really like the way exposed shelving looks in some kitchens (with stacks of plates, cups, and serving pieces) but it seemed a bit strange to do that with these small shelves. so i just kept them more as display shelves, and of course to hold my two cookbooks (i should get some more)

top shelf: collection of vessels from sara paloma (i got them when she was having a sale)

bottom shelf: i wish there was a light in there- it looks so dark. owl print from sharon montrose, a gnarled piece of driftwood i found at the dog beach in west vancouver, a soy sauce set from paige russell (i realize i shop on etsy a lot!), martha stewart cookies recipe book (covered in black textured paper), jamie oliver recipe book, and an iron crow i got from a store in vancouver.

our kitchen is new, so it would be silly to replace anything, but if i had my way (and money weren't an object) i would replace the green glass subway tiles with great white corian marble slab backsplash. my dream kitchen includes white cabinets, real wood cabinets, and white marble.

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minirobot said...

mmm, white marble is so divine! as it is for now though, your kitchen (or this little snippet) looks great!