Monday, September 21, 2009

grapevine wood

look what i got!

i'd been pretty obsessed with finding a big piece of gnarled grapevine wood. searching day and night. well, not quite, but searching ebay whenever i remembered. then, one day last week when i was looking for closet stuff at homesense, i saw it. a huge piece of grapevine wood! at long last!

i really love it.

jon comes home: "what is that?"

me: "i found it!"

jon: "in a dumpster?"


Ammu said...

Ha! I love it - very Rick Owens - brutal and beautiful at the same time.

-h said...


Stephanie Clayton said...

just found your blog via burn these bones.

you should see the driftwood around here--it's scattered around many of our beaches. so beautiful.

fyi, interestingly (or not?) we have the same first name, and my husband is also jon (i see your reference to said name on your post.)

and i've always loved the color gray- even as a child.

...just had to mention. :)

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

Love it!

kate / tinywarbler said...

good score!

Xing said...

Nice~ and lol :D

btw, home sense sometimes totally have great stuff! it's like a treasure hunt in there.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Love it! Love the dumpster comment - it' so funny how one perfects treasure is another's trash :)

But this is clearly a treasure!!!


me melodia said...

priceless response.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

I have been searching for the right hornets nest. My bf doesnt get it.