Thursday, September 10, 2009

fall purchases

i've made a few fall purchases so far, and probably won't be making too many more. why? because we're going to paris and milan in january for les soldes so i really need to save money! i'm planning on making a lot of key wardrobe and hopefully some home purchases. a few of these you've seen before, but i was bored today (knitting project hit a snag- literally) so i decided to take some outfit pictures.

sorry for the blurryness, i thought i had the lense right.
i was so happy it was actually cold enough to wear this outfit the other day. all summer i've been "testing the air" to see if it's cold enough to wear my new rick owens shearling. go away sun! i am done with you! it's supposed to be hot here this weekend. ugh.

i finally have a black mongolian fur vest (seems like i've been craving one for so long! at least a year and a half) once i heard zara had it, i practically stalked the store. w/bare arms and w/ new rick owens ribbed l/s tee. i love his t-shirts, and i got this one at an amazing discount.


this has been a repeat outfit in the last little while. long ribbed rick owens tank (mens xs), acne hex jeans, margiela boots, demeulemeester long button-up, isabel marant bag. i usually wear my bird skull necklace but i can't find it right now. i hope i didn't lose it. i hand-stitched a leather cord together as a necklace for the skull pendant, but i noticed the stitch was getting lose.

here's a slightly better look at the new rick owens tee, and a new ro skirt i got on sale too. it's a bit too long so i'm going to have to get it tailored if i don't want it dragging on the ground. i'm not really counting it as a fall purchase, because it's chiffon. maybe i can wear it with wool tights in the fall.

trying it with the mongolian fur vest. santos is curious as to what i'm doing.

hmm, maybe it needs higher shoes. ann d sandals? and a whippet.

so this is what i've got for fall so far:

-ro shearling
-ro l/s tee
-zara mongolian vest
-margiela ankle boots
-helmut lang pleated trousers (these are really hard to take pictures of)

there is really only a few more things i would add if i could this fall:

-long sleeve wool blend ro dress
-another ro l/s tee in ochre brown
-tweed jacket
-leather leggings (i really want haider ackermann ones)
-a sweater or two

now i will be on the rooftop doing a rain dance, wish me luck!


-h said...

you're killing me with the blurry photos, because i really want to admire it all!!! i love the skirt, and the pleat work at the top. gorgeous color. such a knock out combo with the ann ds. i wish my style could be more like this. love that mongo fur on you.

-ps. if you ever happen to see the suede thigh highs @ zara alert me!

so exciting about paris/milan!!

erica said...

god i love your shearling jacket! the skirt feels very 'fall' to me, so maybe wool tights and very tall sandals.

your ro pieces are really great. i hope les soldes are good to you in january. i'm sure you'll be able to get a few amazing ro pieces then.

Carlene said...

The RO skirt is like a dream.

What are you knitting?

The Divinitus said...

looks like we got same vest and boots. leather pants are on my fall list too, but i think i will go with hl instead...

Amanda said...

great outfits- i went into zara for that vest too but they only had the white one. i should try a few other locations though (in nyc where there's several zaras)

Jo said...

I'm for rain in Vancouver as well =)

Stephanie said...

-h: i know, it was so annoying to upload them to my computer and find out they were a bit out of focus!

i saw the suede thigh highs, but i didn't like the bottom part. something about the heel and how high they were made me uncomfortable. they felt a bit too hooker-ish to me. too bad though!

erica- thanks! i will try to wear the skirt at least in early fall when it's not too cold and windy. i'm hoping ro participates in les soldes :)

carlene- thanks. i'm knitting a scarf and my yarn is in a gigantic knot!

divinitus- great minds think alike. i guess i should have clarified. i kind of want suede leggings, and haider's are so soft and stretchy.

amanda- thanks. yeah, keep trying. i think i got mine on the first day, but i noticed a week later they restocked, so you never know.

Ammu said...

Love the RO skirt - so elegant - reminds me of these Indian dhoti trousers I picked up in Bombay, that same drapey, soft elegance. The skirt looks amazing on you!

The Divinitus said...

Hi, yes I see...
hl has a suede version as well... just saying, I know you are already certain on your choices ;)

Stephanie said...

ammu- thanks!

divinitus- hl has a suede pair too? i didn't know! i'll have to check them out. the haider pair are really heavenly though, but very $$.

Sesame Jones said...

i love love love your edited shopping list! you are so disciplined... wow! all the pieces you purchased so far are great. i'm so jealous over rick ovens jacket, it is my holy grail item.

Gold Sphere said...

Wow... a Rick Owens shearling, that is truly a fantastic piece. =D

I am so glad you posted some of your looks, I feel I get to know so much more what your style/vision is about.

This Time Now said...

Very nice. The mongolian fur vests and shearling vests at Zara here in Seoul, are gorgeous! They come in two or three colors. Must have at least the black and light grey.


Pennerad said...

drooling over your collection, what we can see of it anyway. looks great! and the chiffon skirt can definitely be transferred into fall with some heavy leggings or just knee high boots.
but i'm sure you're fully aware of your options. the ones pictured are so chic!

artvisuelle said...

I don;t think it's the blurriness that bothers a little bit, but the lack of light :)
perhaps a little flash would do your outfits justice ?:)

styleodyssey said...

love that mongolian vest! your Ann Ds look great w/ the outfit; i have the white ones with the open heel...well, they're sort of a grayish white. a versatile shoe indeed.
gorgeous drapey are making me long for a shopping trip!

*oh, and i just made a couple of comments on other posts under my real name--just now figured out that i can comment here as "open id", using my style blog's name instead. well, then. :)