Friday, September 18, 2009

closet organization

sometimes the clock strikes midnight and i'm antsy to do something productive instead of going to bed. such was last night. i was browsing the martha stewart website, checking out the halloween crafts and recipes (my favorite holiday) and i found some great tips for closet organization. our closet is c-r-a-m-p-e-d. it functions as my sewing room and steamer/vacuum storage in addition to shoe storage and our clothing. it's tight.

in an effort to try to fit everything hanging on one bar, i tried to weed out anything that could be folded: sweaters and anything jersey.

this is genius. fold t-shirts in thirds (or quarters depending on how deep your drawers are) and file them like a card catalogue, using a small book-end to hold them up. or if you're me, with not a lot of space and lots of jersey, i used stacks of tank tops and other shirts at the back to hold up the stack of t-shirts.

mine doesn't look quite as neat... but i'm happy i could fit more in here! click on the picture to see notes.

i wish i had room to have a drawer like this one from martha stewart. right now it mine consists of a small shoe box. motto: keep shoe and clothing repair/maintenance things together and accessible.

i thought this was an interesting idea. a large cloth napkin with an eyelet in the middle to protect coats and jackets from dust. i can sew, so i might make shaped covers for my coats.

again, i wish i had space to do this! i think it really shows respect for items you own. all my warm accessories (scarves, knit hats, gloves) are in a basket in my bedroom.

the ocd in me loves this. take a picture of what's inside of your garment bags.

so this is what my closet looks like now, even after a bit of organizing last night. you can click on the picture and see my notes.
it needs help. i like things to "look" organized, and right now our closet looks like a big mess. i'm going to ask my dad if he can make me some sort of cubby storage out of mdf to fit below my clothes. neither rod has enough clearance for trousers, which is why i'm trying to fit everything on the top rod and eliminate the bottom one. hopefully then i will have room to fold more things (i still have some jersey dresses in there that could be folded)

hopefully i will have a clean, organized, new and improved closet to show you soon!


Raven said...

Love the bookends/shirts idea. I'm gonna do that tonight.

I recently bought a cubby from ikea to put under my closet bar. It's a four hole cube, and I put all my jeans and sweaters there.

Melissa said...

Man I love Martha! The woman is brilliant! Just wished I was as organized as she was...

I really like that napkin idea, I've been noticing some of my jackets/dresses that I rarely wear have a little bit of dust buildup on them, so this would be perfect!! I was also thinking that picture idea would be great for shoes that are in shoe boxes too....ooohh the possibilities are endless!

-h said...

that bookends thing is genius. i also like the dust cover for the jackets. she thinks of everything!! i love to see inside of people's closets. :)

Chloƫ said...

If you want to make more room in your closet, I'd suggest swapping out your wooden hangers for thin flocked hangers (there's a brand called huggable hangers but BB&B makes a cheaper knock off). Your clothes will take up 1/4 of the space.

Stephanie said...

raven- yeah i looked around at a few places for cubbies, but my space is a bit weird, and my dad is super handy! we're going to make a project out of it.

mel- you know my secret love for martha! ;)

-h: i know! i love seeing peoples closets too. it's the voyeur in me i guess. like staring into peoples windows to see what they're watching on tv.

chloe- ooh, good tip! that would save me oodles of space!

candycane said...

i would change your hangers....there are beautiful BUT take up a ton of space. I use the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers which you can get at Target. They save a ton of space. (I'm a wardrobe stylist and also do my friends closets) Also, use clear boxes for your shoes - you can stack them and get a lot more space.

KATLIN said...

dzang, need to check out this martha stewart more often! i have a super skinny set of drawers, so i have to roll everything up to fit in it. to organize mine, i'd probably get some kind of sturdy divider to space things out, like undies and bras... hmm, now i need to go do some organizing!

Stephanie Clayton said...

so organized!
i wish i had that much space and access to modern storage. until i have that (3 small closets in 3 homes probably doesn't qualify!) it's fun to see other people's storage solutions for ideas.

miss sophie said...

ok. you've now officially inspired me to go creatively OCD on my entire closet and dresser. i should have known that organizing my jewelry two weeks ago was only the beginning! :)