Wednesday, August 12, 2009

visvim kyoto


i love the story behind visvim's new store in kyoto. while visiting kyoto, you can just feel the history oozing from the city and the buildings. i would be quite happy to sit in an old alley, close my eyes and smile for hours, imagining everything that happened here years and years ago.

hiroki nakamura's new f.i.l. store is located in the storefront of a 16-generation-old doll making shop. bought from the 90-year-old woman who spent her entire life working there, he gave her an apartment above the shop, and she comes to the store every day to arrange flowers. so cool.


i can't wait to see more pictures.


via a shaded view of fashion


The Redhead Riter said...

That really is so cool! 96!!!

I hope you have a great day!

chroniclesofshred said...

I love Hiroki. He is a very amazing dude. I remember him when he was at Gravis. I love my FBTs. So hard to find women's product...guess I have to trek to Japan to buy some.

Stephanie said...

trr- thanks!

cos- I liked his work with idiom too. if you're looking for visvim ladies, tommy at notes by naive might be able to help you. her link is on my blog roll on the left.

This Time Now said...

I love his hair and your blog.
I currently live and work as a photographer in Seoul and you're really making me want to hop over to Japan tomorrow.

Conversation Pieces said...

Oh I long to go back to Kyoto... you're right you really can feel the history oozing (though it should maybe a cuter word for it since it is Japan!)