Wednesday, August 26, 2009


work has been slow lately, so i've been puttering around the house. organizing, cleaning, rearranging, etc. i've also been helping my parents out with a few renovations, so i've been browsing online a lot for furniture and stuff.

i found a bunch of great metal industrial-feeling cabinets and lighting, which i love. we really need a floor lamp by our sofa for reading/computing, and a tall storage bookshelf or cabinet by our dining table. of course i would love to find some vintage industrial cabinet of some kind, but i don't really know where to look around here! so from what i can find online (besides $$$ 1stdibs) here is what i'm liking...

sundance skyler cabinet $1495

Restoration Hardware
restoration hardware pharmacy cabinet $1595

anthropologie decker bookshelf $998

remember this post and these lights? a two-armed look-alike, the anthropologie enzo lamp $398

Restoration Hardware
jielde look-alike...restoration hardware atelier task light $359


P R I M O E Z A said...

LOVE the metal industrial look. we have a few nice shops here in melbourne. but i look for inspiration - they are always expensive!

spore said...

This may not help you, but there is a little flea market in Paris that has a huge number of these pieces, All original European pcs. To die for.

Stephanie said...

spore- the cabinets or the lights? which flea market? I will be in Paris in January.

spore said...

Stephanie- they have both and more. I am trying to find some photos I took a couple of years ago to send to you. I will send an e-mail with details later on your e-mail link