Monday, July 20, 2009

travel essentials

(i wrote this last week, but only getting around to posting it now)

well, this post is certainly timely. i am writing this seated in the portland airport because i missed my connecting flight to orange county! swell! luckily there is wifi that actually works, so i'm saved. while traveling certainly isn't as glamorous as it is once was, or how we like to think it might be in our heads (hello private jet and face mist) i am striving to make my air travel at least a little more palatable by outfitting my bag with some familiar products and handy pint-sized tools. i'm very bored, so i made these collages.

travel essentials $$$: in your bag
Travel Essentials

clockwise: shu uemura brush set $55, frederic fekkai travel brush $55, t3 bespoke labs overnight dryer $130, korres pomegranate cleansing and makeup removing wipes $12, shiseido skincare 1-2-3 $48.50, t3 mini flat iron $119

travel essentials $$$: in your purse
Travel Essentials

clockwise: prada eye mask, ipod touch $229, shu uemura deep sea water face mist - fragrance free $24, sunshine and shadows windowpane scarf $112, paris vogue, industrial strength earplugs, organic un-salted trail mix.

travel essentials $: in your bag
Travel Essentials

clockwise: remington t studio mini flat iron $19.99, sephora pocket brush set $10, bliss sinkside travel kit $25, sephora makeup removing wipes $8, sephora pop-up brush $4, vidal sassoon ionic travel dryer $19.99

travel essentials $: in your purse
Travel Essentials

ipod nano $149, caudalie grape water to go $8, vogue paris, organic unsalted trail mix, old navy giraffe print scarf $9.99, industrial strength ear plugs, satin eye mask

Travel Essentials: Globe Trotter

i would love to own a set of globe trotter luggage- aren't they beautiful?! maybe one day (when i win the lottery). they are also available from j.crew

here are some of my personal travel tips:

- get an aisle seat. yes, it's nice to have a view, and a wall to lean your head against, but i would rather have easier access to the washroom, especially on a long flight (ie. not having to climb over a stranger, especially whey they're sleeping), and be able to get my bag out of the overhead bin faster

- always have a stash of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. it will be just your luck that a screaming infant will be seated behind/beside/in front/on your plane. take the necessary precautions. shooting evil glares won't make the kid shut up (i've tried)

- bring a scarf. it can get cold at high altitudes, and you can use it to mask foul odors.

- bring/buy a snack. nobody likes those super-salty bags of complimentary kibble, but i usually stash them in my purse in case i get desperate.

- fill out paperwork asap. if flying between countries fill out customs forms as soon as they pass them out so you're not scrambling at the end of the flight, or god forbid in the customs line.

- put all your liquids inside your checked baggage in a zip-lock. even though they look secure, something is bound to explode. and you don't want it exploding all over your clothes.

- this is a given, but something i forget to do all the time. wear shoes that are easy to take off! not all airports will make you take off your shoes, but best be prepared so you're not holding up the line.

a psa to all airports:

- please have departure/arrival screens within the vicinity of your gates, and make sure they work (i'm looking at YOU portland airport)

- can you please not garble your loud speaker announcements so we can hear them and not miss our flight. (looking at you again portland airport)

- give us free wifi. come on, it's 2009, get with it.

- please put plugs all over the place in departure gates.

- can we not have more than one person checking in a gigantic line of people?! some of us have flights to catch. airlines/airports, if you're going to cut-down on staff, at least give us robots or machines to replace them. i want a machine where i can check in, pick my seat if necessary, get a boarding pass, and bag tags. what is the point of having an automated machine if i have to stand in ANOTHER line to get tags for my bag.

got any more travel tips or airport rants?


-h said...

ou i love travel posts!!

*gemmifer* said...

Great advice! My big scarf/shawl came in handy as a blanket on a SF to NY flight and my second one folded up made a great pillow. The earplugs helped to dull the sound of the three women in the row behind me who talked for at least 5.5 hours of the approx. 6 hour flight, even though it was a redeye.

yulanda said...

for longer flights, I like to bring slippers, a toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste on board with me.

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE this! you are the BEST! i totally, totally agree with needing plugs all over the place in the departure area. i'm always searching and searching and then end up sharing with little kids playing video games! :) GREAT round-up.

bird said...

spot on tips, especially the paperwork one. learned that one the hard way as i watched multiple flights of people pass me up while i penciled in my address. lame! ps. i absolutely love korres. found it in greece, never gave it up, never will. xx

yuko said...

great post! I've never tried those spray water things.. but on a long flight it sounds perfect!!

my favorite item is a ipod/iphone loaded with tv shows. I've watched all of Entourage this way, it is the perfect time-killer!