Wednesday, July 15, 2009

oc recommendations?

i'm heading to huntington beach next week for two days (work related)- anything to suggest? (restaurants? shopping?) i'll be staying right on the beach (pacific coast hwy at beach blvd. i think), so i'm hoping to at least enjoy some sunsets and walk along the sand. get ready to see the palest person you've ever seen, huntington beach! i'm packing my spf60 sunscreen! i've been there before, but about 9 years ago, fresh out of high-school on a road trip with some friends. the only thing i'm thinking of doing is taking a cab ride to costa mesa to south coast plaza, because there is a j.crew cardigan that i want. not sure if it will be worth it once cab fare is considered...


erica said...

hmmm. if you had a car, i would suggest little saigon (up beach blvd., make a right at bolsa ave) for cheap and delicious vietnamese food.

down the road from south coast plaza is the Lab and Camp. Habana might be worth eating at.

of course, you'd have to take a cab from SCP to there. there's also Mitsuwa, a japanese grocery store, on Paularino (, which has a pretty good food court. Minamoto Kitchoan alone is worth the trip. you could walk from SCP to Mitsuwa.

i'd recommend renting a car, though. i grew up in long beach, but the only places i ate at were super mex, hof's hut, and other local cheap spots.

chroniclesofshred said...

funny, i think we're going to the same event. i don't really go to hb ever but i know they have this japanese grill place that's tasty called gyu kaku. i went to the one in honolulu and liked it. are you cabbing everywhere?

i like going to south coast, only because shopping in san diego is horrible. don't know where else there could be good shopping over there. maybe you can just order the cardigan and have it delivered to the hotel.

AM said...

I used to go to the Bodhi Tree restaurant a lot on Main Street (that's the street that runs right into the pier-can't miss it). It's a vegetarian Vietnamese/Chinese place. Nothing fancy but the food is pretty decent.

It's about 5-7 miles away, but if you go up Pacific Coast Highway to Newport Beach, Fashion Island has an American Rag. Good denim and shoe selection, decent vintage, great clothes. Oh, and a good home department.

Also, watching the surfers in the morning while sipping a cup of hot tea is one of my favorite things to do.

Have a great time!

pigeon.toed said...

i suggest going to the lab and eating at memphis. their food is amazing. i also second going to fashion island to american rag.