Wednesday, July 15, 2009


the three lift stores- especially lift etage- are fantastic stores that we visited in tokyo. all three are located in daikanyama, with the first two at daikanyama address, a multi-use complex consisting of shops, residential towers and amenities. don't let that fool you though, i will let these pictures speak for themselves. simply amazing.

they have an excellent selection of rick owens, drkshdw, ann demeulemeester, carol christian poell, ma+, label under construction, martin margiela, the viridi anne, damir doma, guidi, haider ackermann and many more. website here.

it looks like scoute will be featuring them in their next issue, so hopefully they will have some new pictures that capture the mood in lift etage- it's really phenomenal.

lift ecru

i purchased a drkshdw top here. true to japanese standards, it was wrapped beautifully in tissue, placed in a paper bag. the paper bag was then wrapped in a plastic bag, and given a 'dress'- a protective heavier nonwoven fabric with a drawstring top because it looked rainy outside. i felt a bit ridiculous carrying around this contraption, but i gather it is the norm as far as higher end retail packaging goes. i really wanted jon to take a picture of me holding my bag-skirt, but we forgot.

lift ecru 4
lift ecru 3lift ecru 2
lift ecru 5lift ecru 1
lift ecru 6lift ecru 7
Lift ecru

lift etage

lift etage is the kind of store you want to linger in all day... these pictures don't really do it justice.


lift etage 1lift etage 2
lift etage 3lift etage 5
lift etage 4lift etage 6
Lift etage

lift position

the smallest and most casual of the three stores.

lift position 1
lift position 2lift position 3
lift position 4
Lift Position


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