Thursday, June 18, 2009

white out

ok, maybe not white-white, but white-ish. i've always wanted white jeans, but every time i try them on i just feel like they are too bright and harsh. my inability to dress for warm weather has led me to purchase this pair of light wash jeans. considering the 2-3 pairs of jeans in constant rotation in my life are black (diet butcher, acne, ksubi), i think these will be a welcome addition and help me to at least stay cooler during warm weather. look ma! knee vents!

sass and bide's neon nights in bleached out. i've never owned a pair of sass and bide jeans before, but i do love their australian cousins ksubi, so i'm hoping these will be a perfect fit. they're just about sold out on my catwalk, but if you're a size 31 or like anything else on the site, i found this coupon code for 10% off "ladylicorice"


i love these shots from net-a-porter's magazine. that purple lace balmain top? pretty fabulous- especially the super-saturated grape colour. the shoulders look funny when you hold your arms like that... the makeup is pretty though- maybe i should put my chanel smokey eye palette to use.



With those well worn jeans, it's all about the over sized blouse!

-h said...

i do like that victorian look with the cream blouse.

timber said...

You always post things that I would never consider if I saw then in a normal situation, but then suddenly I understand their beauty!

Gazella said...

hey, I think I said I was going to show you my Y's boots a long long time ago.

I decided to finally sell them!
Lol, you can see the pics to see how they look like, they're from AU 08 collection.

btw, <3 the blouse :]

Crocodilian said...

I love the cream blouse on the left - it reminds me of those super voluminous and ruffly jellyfish (and some of those are Australian, too!)

A La Mode said...

That Balmain top is beautiful!