Monday, June 29, 2009

tabi love

ok, i think it's officially time to stop buying clothes and start buying tabi sock patterns. seriously! damn you 1stdibs! i want these sooo badly!

actually i really like anything that's mounted on a little black stand like this.

speaking of tabi...

hello there, distressed/dipped tabi from totokaelo!! i would like to have you, but not for $775.

and hello giant satchel. i would like to have you as well. i haven't checked in with impulse/totokaelo in a while. i had no idea they were carrying margiela (and drkshdw) this could be dangerous!

i went to the margiela store in tokyo (omotesando) lets just say... it was torture.

so many tabi variations. so many colours.

(image from naoyafujii again)

i'm obsessed.


Amanda said...

shoot, i want that margiela bag

KATLIN said...

Ok, those tabi mold/holders are amazing! They would look so awesome on a shelf in a row like that... kinda creepy in an elongated deer hoof way, but still... might have to look these up on eBay or something!

erica said...

oh yes, totokaelo is now carrying a few lines that make it very dangerous for me to even check out their site!

shoptoomuch said...

love the margiela bag! thanks for posting