Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer polish

over the past 8 months or so, i've been a bit obsessed with nail polish.

last summer, since i was homeless and not spending money on rent, i would frequently get my nails done. why not? painted that is. no crazy fake nails. then when we moved into our new place i would give myself manicures at the dinner table at night while watching tv.

there's a great blog that i've mentioned before called 'all lacquered up' that is an excellent resource. she paints all the new colours from all sorts of brands on her own nails and shows them in different lights so you can get a real idea of how they look.

on friday i got a white manicure and pedicure. i wasn't sure how i would like it, but it's actually a fun, fresh colour to have on your nails for the summer. but it's wednesday and my fingers are chipping already.

here are some colours i'm liking for summer. i'm not into the obnoxious brights.

All Lacquered Up
peach with a white and pale grey outfit? yes. i've been trying to push peach on some of my clients, who are resisting. maybe for the next meeting i will have to paint my nails peach.

All Lacquered Up
this is coming out in the fall. looks amazing on the runway. i will be sharpening my elbows to get to the chanel counter for this!

All Lacquered Up
an alternative to the dark purples i've been favouring.

all pics are from all lacquered up.


Shay said...

I agree, the mint is wonderful.

Melissa said...

Ooohh...I am LOVING the greens! I just wished my hands/cuticles weren't so perma-dry that nail polish would only last a day. I just might have to try painting my nails soon. After working at a job where you couldn't wear nail polish, and now not working, you'd thinking I'd be painting it up!

Thanks for the new site that I'll most likely be addicted to for the next few months!

Eunice said...

Oooh the mint may look fabulous. But i'm not a nail polish person so it would be wasteful to buy one.

-h said...

liking the peach

Kayla Bon said...

Those are all great colors! The Chanel mint though...ah! I can't wait!

Amanda said...

LOVE the mint. might have to grab that one when it's out!

Vintage Tea said...

I love love love the peach! It is the perfect summer colour!

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