Friday, June 12, 2009

the spring shoes

we've finally been having some nice weather here, and a few weeks ago i made my first spring purchase. i am starting to learn that it pays off to be patient. i almost bought the suede wedge version, but i'm glad i didn't settle, and waited to find my size in the leather heeled version from antonioli.


i posted these pics on tfs... the unveiling! they came beautifully packaged, and wrapped in antonioli's giant tote bag, which i am wearing below.

i took this picture before we went to tokyo... trying to plan some outfits!

except for the bottom two eyelets digging into my toes, they are pretty comfortable, and exceptionally easy to walk in, thanks to the chunky heel. i've learned to counter the eyelet problem by preparing my feet in advance. my band-aid advanced healing blister cushions and friction block stick are essential in my footwear arsenal. if you have sensitive feet like me, i highly recommend them.

look under the blister section here.

the smaller slim blister bandaids are great for pinkie toes and in between toes (yes, even a simple thong sandal will rip my feet up, not that you wanted to know that) but i have the big ones too, which are perfect for the heel or larger surface area. the friction block stick is something i put on toes where i know there might be rubbing, but not enough to cause a blister.

(i bought my mom the stegosaurus on my business trip this week)

i wore my ann sandals all day yesterday and through the airport/on a flight. i was asked to take them off at security and was so embarrassed to have to stick my bandaid-ed feet up in the air so they could run the metal detector around them! so the preventative bandaids do have a draw-back. but in the long run my feet are thanking me!


WendyB said...

Ooh, those look great. And I need to investigate all these blister prevention options.

pigeon.toed said...

holy crap those are beautiful!

and that stegosaurus is amazing! where did you get it?

Stephanie said...

wendyb- band-aid blister pads! they are amazing!

pigeon.toed- thanks! i got the stegosaurus at the calgary airport. i think it was a discovery channel store.

yulanda said...

They look amazing!

I use Vaseline to help prevent all my blister problems, but your way sounds a lot less messy.

-h said...

hmm...interesting tips about the blister thing. it's crazy how creative us women get to wear our shoes! ;)
the shoes look amazing. i love the grey croco texture of the dino. and i love the pre-Tokyo outfit!

Sesame Jones said...

congrats on the new purchase! did you end up getting your size or did you go larger? i order half a size larger, but i'm wishing i went a full size... with mine i found the trick is not to pull on the laces too much when fastening them, kind of leave them loose - no blisters!

Stephanie said...

thanks h!

sesame jones- actually i found these to fit a bit big, so i went down a half size (i tried them on somewhere else before ordering) the loose-lacing helps for the ankle bending too!

escritora said...

Shoes are tdf! your outfit is perfect :)

Sesame Jones said...

funny, i guess it is also a matter of how much "toe" you want sticking out:) yours look perfect on you! the whole look is beyond chic as well!