Monday, June 29, 2009



say hello to my new lamp! it traveled with us back from tokyo. we got it at hhstyle in harajuku. we were looking for a ceiling lamp to put over the dining table, but they were out of stock on most of the ones we liked. so the plan is we're going to retrofit the UF3-Q to hang over our table.

we were originally looking at the hanging L3 lamp, but i think our little polka-dotted space ship UF3-Q will look great!

this is a picture of hhstyle in harajuku. i forgot to take a lot of pictures when we were there, so i will share a few from one of my favorite flickr-ites naoyafujii.

(image from naoyafujii's flickr)

6-14-2 jingumae - shibuya-ku - tokyo

(image from naoyafujii's flickr)

this is the building right beside hhstyle. it is now the nike street wear (nsw) store, but i have seen it still referenced as the hh style building other places. it is pretty amazing, inside and out, especially at night, as you can see.

i miss tokyo.

also, watch how akari light sculptures are made:

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That "Naoyafujii" Tokyo building reminds me of a cross between a stealth bomber and a tent...

I once made a collection using pre-made round, Japanese paper lanterns and covered them with torn patches of colored tissue in various shades of green but, Grey could be lovely.