Wednesday, June 24, 2009

margiela earrings


i've been on a bit of an online shopping rampage lately. i tried to shop in person on a few occasions this week, but it's just so frustrating! i have specific things that i'm looking for, and somehow when you have that agenda, you can't find anything. online shopping has spoiled me.

i did find one excellent item while out shopping- i will share later. finally have them checked off my list! ooh! which reminds me! i made a 'holy grail' purchase a little while ago. i must get the tripod out for some photos.

i ordered these margiela earrings from aloha rag. i had been looking at them for some time. i'm slowly expanding my jewelry collection.

i would really love to have some pamela love pieces (cuff and talon necklace) but unfortunately the budget doesn't allow. not when my options for summer dressing are very limited (ie. need summer wardrobe), and the fact that i've been trying to save up for a new handbag for a year. somehow that never works out. current savings? $0.35. oops.


erica said...

you and me both when it comes to saving up for a big item!

my savings ends up as grocery money most of the time, alas.

earrings are lovely, can't wait to see what your 'holy grail' purchase was.

Stephanie said...

haha- yep! this time it was the 2nd trip to tokyo. being in tokyo for a week trumps a new handbag :)

-h said...

when i 1st saw those earrings i thought they were engagement rings.
i think i may know what the holy grail is ;) but i wont say anything.
im really trying to be good since i'll be doing major outlet damage in 3 wks, but of course my fingers are itching to buy stuff now.

and tokyo + ann d shoes trump handbag for sure!

Amanda said...

love these--most of margiela's jewelry is fab