Thursday, June 11, 2009

a dog with a fish head

my parents looked after santos while we were away in tokyo. she became great friends with their dog, a great big golden retriever named tucker. much to tucker's chagrin, they were inseparable. apparently she made herself quite at home with tucker's beds, toys and bones.

since we got a dog, we noticed a lot more dog boutiques there. i couldn't believe the ridiculous outfits made for dogs in japan. i was really close to buying santos a bumble-bee costume (for halloween only, of course) but lucky for her, i resisted. but when i found this fish head hat, i just had to get it. she was not impressed with our antics.


she did like the sushi squeeky toy we got her, though.


while we were away she managed to get tree sap stuck to her eyebrows. my parents thought they were new markings. such a pain to get off. olive oil seemed to do the trick after a while of scrubbing.


Whippet Good said...

Santos darling, I would have lovingly licked off every bit of tree sap for you. You look fetching in your hat, and I will admit that I want to steal your ebi sushi toy. Love, Ribsy

KATLIN said...

When my friend went to Japan she bought her dog kimonos... she plans to use it to also make her own patterns and sew and sell them. People here love that stuff!

-h said...

i love how pissed she looks about the fish hat!