Saturday, June 13, 2009

cook with jamie

i got the 'cook with jamie' cookbook for christmas, and though i've read and flipped through it a few times, i haven't actually cooked a recipe until this week. i tried three of jamie's recipes this week, and they were all really good! i'm not the greatest cook, but i'm trying to cook more so i get better. i was surprised that the recipes actually tasted good after i was finished with them!

ps- we're growing herbs and they're still alive! ie. i haven't killed them yet!

Cook with Jamie

Cook with Jamie
roasted white fish wrapped in bacon, with asparagus and lemon mayonnaise. this was really really good. i used cod with european smoked bacon.

Cook with Jamie
tagliarini with yummy light, zesty summertime dressing. i added grilled chicken breast.

any other good cook books out there? i would really like to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet....


wroxton said...

not vegetarian but i love the books by ina garten

evelena ruether said...

Veganomicon is my faaaavorite cookbook. I highly recommend it, so many amazing dishes.

Also for baking, The Joy of Vegan baking is so good, you would never know why it became customary to use eggs in the first place.

I use both of these multiple times per week!

Diane/ Cooking with Jamie Oliver, one recipe, one weeknight at a time. said...

Awesome that you're giving Jamie some love! I actually just started my blog:


and still working on


Funny you should mention Jamie. I've been cooking from his cookbooks for a week straight now. So far so good.

chroniclesofshred said...

i honestly try a lot of recipes from magazines and online...when my domino got canceled i chose bon appetit. i have tried a few recipes from there and they are definite repeaters.

the one vegetarian book i have is by heidi swanson called cook 1.0. she's a friend of a friend and the book was recommended. she does that website 101 cookbooks.

Stephanie said...

thanks for your suggestions!!

Michelle said...

Get the Rebar cookbook! It's seriously brilliant (and from Victoria, so...west coast pride).